Backblast – 02/22/2019 – Wisteria – Jolly Legs!

Rolled into Wisteria at Pleasantville a little early so I could do some last minute planning [had to count the light poles…keep reading for why].  It wasn’t long before the headlights and PAX emerged from the gloom.  It was great to see so many from my home AO.  Those County boys know how to make a man feel loved!



PAX – 19 strong:

Plumb Bob
Meter Maid
Glen Ross
Jolly Ranger – Q


After a fairly quick introduction, confirmation that no FNGs were present, and warning the PAX that I was not a professional and that I suck at planning times, we head off towards the school for a short mosey.  Upon arrival, we circled and completed the following – all in cadence:

Slow Grass Grabbers
Runners Stretches
Imperial Squat Walkers
Bat Wings [forward circles, backwards circles, seal claps and overhead claps]

A quick count off after COP revealed we had 18 – sweet, even numbers.  Wait a minute, who’s that running up?  Are they a friend or foe?  Oh, it’s Glen Ross!  Timing couldn’t have been more perfect because literally he showed up as we were done and I broke the news to him that we were moseying back to the circle.  Sorry, not sorry.

Thang 1:

We arrived back at the circle and I introduced the Thang, which was Route 66.  Inspiration from this came from a workout Fergie led months ago at Wisteria, which uses the light poles around the circle.  For Route 66, the PAX split up so that evens went counter-clockwise and odds went clockwise.  The goal was at each light pole [there are 11 in total, for future reference] you would stop and do a workout — increasing by increments of 1 at each light pole.  Except for the third lap, it was increased by increments of 5.  The following were completed:

Groiners – 66 in total
Jump Squts – 66 in total
LBCs – 330 – Woof!  I’m still sore from that one.

Thang 2:

Mosey back towards the flag and amphitheater, except I wasn’t confident my legs would support me going down to the steps to the stage itself.  So I audibled and decided to use the flat-ish handicapped section at the top.  I felt it was appropriate anyways given the state of my legs.  Here, we completed Lieutenant Dan – squats and jump lunges with a 1:4 ratio all the way to 10:40.

We ended right around 6:14am, which meant I had another more minutes to kill.  So, we cranked out 20 merkins to round out the full body experience.

6:15am – back to the flag.


All 19 were accounted for in the count-a-rama.
Closed out with giving thanks to the PAX for following my lead in the gloom – in particular the County boys that came to support me.  It’s always a pleasure to lead this group of men doing stupid things in the morning.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Jolly Rancher!

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