BB 2/19 Bridge at the Posh, Grinder calls an audible

So I put out a Preblast on Monday, talking tough about how we’d be looking at the pavilion from a distance and carrying a bunch of heavy stuff through the rain. Fast-forward to 5am Wednesday as I am driving from Indiana to the Posh and I realized how foolhardy I had been. It was DUMPING rain. On top of that, I saw lightning twice on the drive. I pulled up to the Posh and saw Gypsy under the pavilion, warming up. I went to meet him and we talked about how it wasn’t looking too good. As a few more minutes passed and more PAX arrived, I surveyed the crowd (light on rain gear, heavy on cotton) and decided to junk my entire weinke and do something different. Here’s how it went…

PAX: Ladybird(R), Maxi, SweetTART, Mr. Kotter, Pew Pew, Gypsy, Retainer, Dynomite, Grinder (Q)

We did a pretty standard warm-up. In fact, so standard that I really don’t remember what all stretches we did or the quantities. All I do know is that I had us do 5 BOYOs in between each stretching exercises, because I knew that without running, I’d have to make up cardio somewhere.

Thang 1: we split into groups for AMRAP sets across four stations. Approximately 1:40 of each exercise (Burpees, Derkins, Copperhead Squats, and Dips), with 20 seconds in between to switch stations.

Thang 2: same as Thang 1, except we only did one minute per station and switched up the exercises, this time doing Pickle Pounders, Bobby Hurley’s, Flutter Kicks, and Lunges (?, I think?).

At the end, we had a few minutes left for Mary, so did some pretzel crunches and one-legged Flutter Kicks. We circled up for  some COT, then made our way back home in the rain.

I know this wasn’t the toughest workout…it wasn’t remotely what I had planned. But, I got some QUALITY 2nd F in under that pavilion with a bunch of PAX I rarely get to hang with, so honestly, it ended up being one of the best workouts I’ve had in a long time. Thanks to Retainer and Gysey for the hospitality, and I hope to be back out soon!

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