The Agony Back Blast – 2.28.19

I always enjoy Qing at The County because they have a great set up for pull-ups and other fun exercises. Since I had the Q for the Agony, I figured why not use them some more!

Weather – 34 degrees, crisp and clear.

PAX – Mama’s Boy, Abacus, Jerry McGuire (RR), SweetTart, Ashley, Grizzly, Crock Pot, Bulletin (R), Cowboy, Viking, Kimble, Fungi, Catfish, Wildflower, Airplane, Meter Maid, McAfee (QIC)

Quick Disclaimer and off we go.


Quick mosey around the AO to the front parking lot for our warm-up:


15 SLOW Grass Grabbers IC


15 SLOW Copperhead Squats IC


Downward Dog for calf stretches

15 Mountain Climbers IC

Kendra Newmans – Get those shoulders ready for the bars


Partner up for a modified DORA:

Partner 1 – Run to the end of the parking lot and perform 10 SSH IC and run back

Partner 2 – Perform the following exercises in order (total count for both partners):

  • 50 Traditional Pull-ups
  • 100 T Merkins
  • 50 Mexican Jumping Beans (Squat Jump into a pull-up)
  • 150 Knees to chest or Toes to Bar (while hanging from the bar, bring your knees to your chest, or toes to the bar – similar to a reverse crunch)
  • 50 Burp-ups (Burpee with the jump going into a pull-up)
  • 200 V-ups

Most of the group finished just in time.

We moseyed back to the flag for COR, NOR, and COT.

I mentioned to the group that I was reading a book in investing, and how F3 has been an investment in myself. I hold 5:30 AM as a sacred time for me to invest in myself so that I can be the best I can for my spouse, my family, and my community. I thanked the group for pushing me and one another and to keep investing in themselves and one another!

-McAfee out


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