Mock Star Waypoints and Results

496E7801-328C-4758-AA9C-E9328D8D56AE26 PAX including 1 FNG made their way to the Big4 Bridge for a prompt 21:00 start (Chetnut arrived at 21:15).  PAX were already divided into 6 teams (4 Teams 25 mile course, 2 teams 12 mile course)

The pic collage above is of each team upon completion at Endex.  Elation > exhaustion!

Team AARs will follow


Nino, Kilo, OJ, Diablo


PK, MeterMaid, CatFish, McAfee


Plumb Bob, Alexa, Miyagi, Jolly Rancher


Huggies, Marshall, FannyPack, Vaccum, FloJo, Chestunt


Tron, Sumpump, Aerobie, Sherpa


ToolTime, PewPew, Steamer, G-String FNG


Each team was given the following list of waypoints at 21:00 along with a laminated map of the area to help them plot their points.  (Thank you to Plumb Bob for all of his help)  Teams were on their own and their route was theirs to create.


Mock starCourse March 16, 2019


  1. 300 Spring- 300 Spring St. Jeffersonville, IN
  • An elegant event space in Southern Indiana, a perfect place to host your special occasion.  Hosting many different events over the last 15 years. 
  • Take your picture in front of the front door where the 300 spring sign is visible.  #300spring
  • Bonus what event took place here a little over 9 years ago?
  1. Big Four station- 223 Pearl St. Jeffersonville, IN
  • The Indiana side of the Big 4 bridge, a great place for a beatdown.
  • Take your picture in front of the large triangle monument. #Big4Station
  1. Falls of the Ohio- 201 W Riverside Dr. Clarksville, IN
  • Falls of the Ohio State Park is located on the banks of the Ohio River in Clarksville, Indiana.  The exposed fossil beds of the Jeffersonville Limestone dated from the Devonian period are the main feature of the park.  The Falls is where Lewis and Clark met for the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  • Take your picture in front of the Lewis and Clark Statue #Falls
  1. Howard Steamboat Museum- 1101 E. Market St. Jeffersonville, IN
  • In 1834 Nineteen year old James Howard started a shipyard on the banks of the Ohio in Jeffersonville.  During its three generation, 107 year history, the Howard shipyard would put over 3,000 vessels in the running waters of the Ohio and establish the largest inland shipyard in America. 
  • Take your picture in front of the Giant red paddle wheel. #Steamboat
  • Bonus what is engraved on the bell?
  1. Warder Park- 109 E Court Ave. Jeffersonville, IN 
  • This park has been a part of the community since the mid-19th century, when it had a bakery to produce Hardtack to Union Soldiers during the American Civil War.
  • Take your picture in front of the statue of Thomas Jefferson Statue.  #WarderThomasJefferson
  • Bonus who is the park named after?
  1. Jeffersonville City Hall Helping Hands statue- 500 Quartermaster Ct. Jeffersonville, IN
  • The helping hands statue is located in the historical Quartermaster Depot, infront of the City Hall.  It’s of a child providing a helping hand to a friend.  It reminds me a lot of what we do in F3.  #ISI
  • Take picture in front of the helping hands statue.  #HelpingHandsHelpAll
  1. Clarksville Aquatic Cove- 800 S Clark Blvd. Clarksville, IN
  • Welcome to Clarksville Cove!!!  Your premier destination for summer family fun in Southern Indiana.  
  • Take your picture in front of the large sign in front of the door.  Include Toucan Sam.  #ClarksvilleAquaticCove
  1. Perrin Family Park- 414 Perrin Ln. Jeffersonville IN
  • Farmer, Noel Perrin donated this land for a nature preserve, deciding to give back to the community they loved in 1984.  The park finally opened on June 1, 1991.  The park features a Teddy Bear Museum.
  • Take your picture at the front gate and include the park sign.  #PerrinPark
  1. Jeffersonville Flood wall Murals- 700 W. Riverside Dr. Jeffersonville IN
  • A row of murals celebrating Jeffersonville history, beautiful artwork done by several different artist.  
  • Take your picture in front of one of them #Murals
  • Bonus which of these murals is a waypoint?  
  1. George Rogers Clark house- Clark Historic homesite Path Clarksville IN Latitude 38.2869 Longitude -85.7760
  • Located off the beaten path from the falls of the Ohio, this home was the home of GRC from 1803-1809.  Known for almost 200 years as “Clark’s Point”
  • Take your picture on the front porch of the house.  Enjoy the view of the falls.  #ClarksPoint
  1. Louisville Slugger Museum- 800 W. Main St. Louisville KY 
  • Bud Hillerich made a bat for Louisville Eclipse star Pete Browning and the rest is history.  This museum showcases the story of Louisville Slugger baseball bats a in baseball and American history.
  • Take your picture in front of the BIG BAT.  #LouisvilleSlugger
  1. Lincoln Memorial Statue- 406 E. River Rd. Louisville KY 
  • Tucked away on a site overlooking the Ohio RIver and the Lincoln Bridge sits a young, clean shaven Abe Lincoln, surrounded by bas relief panels that tell the story of his connections to Kentucky.  
  • Take a picture surrounding Abe.  #AbeStatue
  • Bonus Name of the statue sculptor?
  1. Crescent Hill Reservoir- Reservoir Ave & 3018 Frankfort Ave. Louisville KY
  • On the National Register of Historic places, the Gothic architecture style gatehouse building was constructed in 1879.
  • Take your picture at the gate with the Pump house in the background. #Reservoir
  1. Heigold House facade- 332 Frankfort Ave. Louisville KY
  • The Heigold House has endured over 175 years of flooding and potential effacement by municipal waste.  It still stands today as a testament to its owners belief in the American Experiment.  
  • Take your picture in front of the Heigold facade #HeigoldHouse
  • Bonus what was the owners profession?
  1. KFC Yum! Center- 1 Arena Plaza Louisville KY
  • The home of the Cards and the 2013 National Champions*
  • Take your picture in front of the Cardinal logo.  #YUM
  • Bonus For L’s down
  1. York Statue- Belvedere Waterfront Park Louisville KY
  • A member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, York was the first African American to cross the United States from coast to coast.  
  • Take your picture with York #York
  • Bonus for most creative picture
  1. Muhammad Ali Center- 144 N 6th St. Louisville KY
  • The Ali center is a multicultural center with an award winning museum dedicated to the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali.
  • Take your picture in front of the center #AliCenter
  1. Joes Crab Shack- 131 River Rd. Louisville KY 
  • The restaurant at the top of all F3louisville date night list.  Some have debated the reason this shack is still open.  Never the less, it stands and has been for as long as i can remember.  
  • Take your picture with the crab shack sign visible in the background #CrapShack



Everyone finished within the allotted time hack and everyone earned a patch.   There were a couple drops due to injury.  However each of those who dropped earned a patch because they made it 12 miles, the same amount as the mini course.


Order of finish for Full Starcourse.

Winner: Team 3 – Alexa, Plumb Bob, Miyagi, Jolly Rancher

Runner Up: Team 1 – Kilo, Nino, OJ, Diablo

3rd place: Team 2 – Catfish, PK, McAfee, MeterMaid

4th Place: Team 4 – Fanny Pack, Chestnut, Huggies, Marshall, Vaccum, FloJo


Over the next couple of days YHC will release AARs from each team, so you can get an idea of exactly what it was like to be apart of the first F3Lou Ruckin Mock StarCourse.



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