Starting with COT first b/c it’s my BB and I want to. One year ago, Sara was formally diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially it was DCIS, very early stage 1, as various biopsies came back the rating changed to Stage 1. Still very early, but cancer is the unknown, scary thing that no-one ever wants to face down. I shared the news with a few PAX who I had grown close to over my time in F3. These PAX jumped in and started helping immediately. Kilo, Storm Trooper, and many others organized a ruck on Friday 3/23 (my birthday). Kilo brought a pink towel and we all signed it as mark of solidarity in this battle. Old Bay offered many words of wisdom based on similar journey he endured. Many other PAX provided support along the way. Without rambling too much longer, the last year was a blur, but because of F3 it was a very joyful year at a time that otherwise would have been very dark and difficult. For that, I will be forever greatful to this group and the amazing High Impact Men who we lock shields with everyday in the gloom.

The workout, if you care:

Mosey to front lot for COP. We did SSH, Kendra Newman’s, Abe Vigota’s all I/C up to 21 in honor the day.

Mosey to playground. Partner up. Together Partners complete 10 burpees then 50 pullups (split) 20 burpees followed by 100 T-Merkins (split b/w Partners) then 30 burpees followed by 150 squats then 40 burpees followed by 200 V-Ups.

Fungi channeled some Q juice and called 21 more burpees in honor of Sara.

Circled for some mary. All I/C up to 21.

Ran to flags and COT’d.

PAX – Wildflower, Valdez, Kimball, Sweet Tart, Fungi, Airplane, Pew Pew, Scratch and Dent, Big Bird, Crockpot, Meter Maid, Bulletin (R), Abacus Q

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