Ruiner back blast

Q: Seabass

Pax Seabass, Grinder, Violet, RedRoof, Nugget, Tron, Pope

Gearlander: not swimming trunks, or flip flops, or a tank top that has Destin airbrushed. (I’m not jealous ar all)

A little backstory here. Seabass has been working very hard for the last year. This was about the time that pre-football workouts for incoming Freshman started last year. His hard work shows. He promptly lost 20 lbs of baby fat during football season and as of now, has gained back about 10 in muscle. He’s a different kid all around. More disciplined, better shape, and gaining maturity in the process. But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t still let him know when his father is still a step ahead in maybe the only way I am still (he has far surpassed me in fitness). So we decided to play some one on one. Loser is the Q for Ruiner.

As you can see, I didn’t Q.



Big Boy Sit Ups


Thang 1

11s on the cul de Sac

1 burpee at top

10 Merkins at bottom

This sucked. Lots of hill work and lots of shoulders. Pope and Violet killed it over usual, but I will tell you Grinder was awesome. On the mosey to the field, Grinder gave the quote of the day, “No offense , Nugget, but I kinda hate Seabass right now.”

Thang 2

Partner up for Bear crawl Dora

P1 bear crawl half the field the long way and run back

P2 start the exercises

100 Merkins (more Merkins?)

200 squats (after hill work?)

300 LBCs

I was lucky and ended up with Pope who promptly killed it. All picked up the 6 to finish thang 2.

Seabass let YHC make a guest appearance So we did some Pax counted Tabata.

Circled up and did an rotating 10 count of 20 sec on and 10 sec rest of squats. 8 rounds

Once our legs were shot, we headed to the playground for alternating 10 seconds swing Merkins and pull ups.

This brought us to the last 15 minutes. Seabass thought we earned some fun.

Burpee football. We changed the rules a bit since there was only 7 of us. Only 4 passes allowed to score. Standard Burpee football rules apply otherwise.

I’m pretty sure we pushed our burpee count to qell over 100 on the day when the game ended.


Announcements about convergence on 4/20. And the change in 2rd F leadership in F3 Louisville.

YHC took us out with some words of thanks to the pax and a call to become better men.

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