BB – Big Mo HEAVY Worm Q 4/1

We started the first day of April in the final blistering cold 20 degree day of 2019. It was cold, but we got moving quick. It was a total body blast with a focus on pull ups, my weakest point.

Pax – Tony Malito, PK, Worm (Q)

Warm Up-

Two laps around circle & simple stretches Spider Web Pull-ups – 3 sets with Spot

Thang #1

Heavy Circuit – 90 Second Each 2 Sets Total

15lb Dumbbell Chest Flys

45lb Front Raises

35lb Kettle Bell Single Arm Shoulder Press

35lb Dumbbell Single Arm Curls

Battle Rope

Elastic Band Chest Flys

Ruck Step Ups

Thang #2

Derkin’s on Swings

Spider Web Back-Rows 5 Sets of 10

Spider Web Pull-ups 1 set to failure

Flatter Kickers


Early Birds Got-


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