BB – Sump Pump/Draper (VQ) Co-Q The Hurt @ The Mutt 3/30/19

Perfect morning for a VQ. 60ish degrees, no rain and these guys showed up: Draper (VQ), Sump Pump (Q), Windshield, Zima, Snowman,, Tureen, and Plumb Bob.

I cant speak for Draper and he claims not to know how to do a BB and seemed to have very little interest in learning now. So here goes.

Draper warmed us up with some pretty lame stuff.

On to my part of the Q.

Thang 1

Mosey Down and grab some Coupons

25 curls / 25 mountain climbers / 25 overhead press / plank while each PAX told us about his family.

Thang 2:

Slow mosey with coupon to portico

Pair up.  P1 carries coupon to endpoint 20 yds away and does 5 squats with coupon.  Returns for remaining coupon and repeats. P2 bigbois while waiting.

Once complete, both partners bear crawl to coupons and carry them back.  Rinse and repeat. Repeated 5 times

Thang 3:

Modified Brick by Brick Shuttlerun (BBBS):  Each PAX carried his coupon about 30 yards across the parking lot.  Performed 25 merkins, returned with coupon for 20 merkins.  Continued until we got down to 5 merkins.

Thang 4:

Ran across the parking lot from the portico to the curb.  15 mountain climbers.  Back for 10, and then finished with 5.

Draper had us Return the coupons and circled up for Mary.


Zima will be home alone all week with his dogs.  He mentioned this while we were doing Saturday Nights.

Normal Q schedule at the Mutt this week.

We asked the Sky Q to watch over us all. Many of the PAX are traveling on spring break. I hope everyone has a great time and comes back refreshed and ready to get better together.

Nice work Draper. Glad to see you busted your VQ.

Sump Pump

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