CONVERGENCE at The “O” 4.20.19 Pre-Blast


Monday 4.22.19 marks two years since the establishment of F3Louisville. Two years ago on the cusp of Derby, a group of HIMs traveling from Charlotte, NC (TClaps to Pitino, a Louisville native, for leading the charge) put in the time & effort to plant the shovel flag at Seneca Park, better know as The “O”. What started as a single WO at a single AO on the back of our former Nantan, Red Roof, has grown into an established Region of F3Nation with 20 scheduled WOs per week across 7 AOs that has seen over 710+ PAX post.

This Saturday, 4.20.19, we will celebrate the emergence of F3Louisville as one PAX at The “O” with 4 Qs known to deliver absolute beat downs:

  1. Backdraft
  2. Catfish
  3. Hot Wheels
  4. Violet

Due to the number of PAX we anticipate attending please park & meet at the basketball courts. If I was you, I’d bring some gloves & a “get better” mindset. Coffeteria will follow the WO on site for some solid 2rdF.

This is an event you will not want to miss.



McAfee & Nino.

Published by Nino

1stF Q for F3Louisville

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