Blender BackBlast 4-17-2019

Pax (11) Fungi, Tasty Freeze, Plumb Bob, Buschhhhh, Cowbell, Left Eye, PED, Snowman, Stiletto (FNG), Pork Chop, Glen Ross (Q)

 Conditions:  Clear, 61*—very nice

I usually hit 4 workouts a week, but unless I’m q’ing, I’m getting there right at 5:29.  So on the days that I Q, I love getting there 10 minutes early and watching the cars pour into the Gloom.   A lot of pre-workout mumblechatter and started at 5:30 with disclaimer—and we did have an FNG (welcome Stiletto)

Short mosey around the school—Bernied half of it.  Line up for quick warm up.  4 cones set up-spaced out about 10 yards apart.  Starting w/ suicides—first exercise was SSH—doing 5 at each cone.  Next did merkins—5 at each cone.  I had a few others planned but with the FNG decided to modify to a more traditional warm up/ COP.  Circled up for the rest w/ SSH (16IC), Imperial Walkers (16IC), Kendra/ Kenny Newmans—for about 45 seconds and squats (20 IC).  Next did Burpee Name circle (not sure what this is exactly called), but each person introduced themselves to FNG then did burpee, while rest of the pax did high knees. 

Thang 1:  6 pax get coupons—others plank and wait.  Next partner up for coupon work.  Partner 1 runs 40 yards, then does 10 Bobby Hurleys, runs back and relieves partner 2.  First coupon exercise was  100 flutter kick bench press.  Noticed Buschhhhh doing this last week and thought I would work it into my next Q.   Next exercise was 200 curls, then ended with 250 rows.  All while partner is running back and forth doing Bobby Hurleys—10 and run back. 

 Thang 2:  Put the coupons up and circle up for some Mary in prayer garden….it is Holy Week.  I had originally wanted to a Mary Mile, but decided to keep the pax on campus today—maybe next time

We did the following: 20 LBCs/ 20 Gas Pumps/ 20 American Hammers/ 20 Freddie Mercs/ 20 Big Boys—single count/ 20 flutter kicks.  With 7 minutes left we headed up to the playground

 At playground we did the following set:  5 pullups/ 10 burpees/ 15 merkins/ 20 squats.  Repeated once more for cool down—but only 5 reps of each.  With exactly 2 minutes left we did what I called 2 minutes in Nashville.

A few months ago I was down in Nashville and while on Broadway noticed a street vendor has a game where you pay $10 for a chance to win $100 and all you have to do is hang from a bar for 2 minutes (feet cannot not touch).  Its expensive in Nashville and I wanted to help the Pax make a little $$$ next time down there so we all found a spot on the monkey bars and got started.  Most only made it 60-75 seconds (insert typical F3 Louisville joke here), but Pork Chop made it 90 seconds and Cowbell finished and completed the 2 minutes in Nashville challenge—Nice work Cowbell, look for this guy next time you are down there!

6:15 circle up for Name-o-Rama:  FNG was named Stiletto—after the shoe and not the knife.   Welcome Stiletto and come back!

Passed the 6 over to Tasty Freeze and he told us how he was named.  Tasty is an 8th grader, who comes out on his own.   Also, I worked out with Tasty Freeze today and enjoyed it.  If you are at the Mutt, try and partner up with TF sometime.   

COT: Announcements:  Passion Ruck this Friday at St. Als (8pm start), pre-convergence ruck Saturday at 5:30 and Convergence at 7am (at the O)

Intentions: Kilo’s M and a few other and ended with quick prayer.  Its Holy Week—be nice, be kind and be thankful

Thanks to all that came out today—loved every minute!



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