F3 Louisville 2nd Anniversary Convergence – Back Blast 4.20.19

Monday marked a special day in F3 Louisville history. On April 22, 2019, F3 Louisville officially celebrated it two year anniversary! It’s amazing to think that 2 years ago, a group of guys from Charlotte came to Louisville to convince a handful of guys (one in particular) to change the way they thought about Fitness, Faith, and Fellowship and take a chance.

Here is some more insight according to Red Roof:

“4.22.17 was a morning very much like 4.20.19 as far as weather goes; cold, rainy miserable. I (Red Roof) agreed to go to the first workout based on being friends with KY (from Charlotte). He had EH’ed me and I was regretting answering the phone call that morning when I was freezing my buff outside with a brand new baby (their third) at home. Once I was there working, I was immediately struck by how accessible the workout was. Being free, peer-led, and outdoors made it very easy to say yes initially. Also, I was out of shape but I could still modify everything I needed to and stay with the group – this made it not too intimidating for me to try out. After the workout was over, I got more of a chance to talk to the Charlotte guys at Coffeteria. This is where I really got to hear what F3 was all about. These guys came on their own time to spread something to total strangers in Louisville who they knew needed it. Boy was all of those guys involved in our launch right.”

It’s amazing to think that 2 years ago we started with essentially one guy who said yes, and now here we are two years later with a list of more than 700+ PAX who said yes, and the list continues to grow. I have no doubt that the rest of 2019 will bring some awesome results!

Weather: It was a brisk 38 degrees with plenty of rain and a nice breeze to bring a chill to everything. The weather was pretty much miserable and during any other circumstances, I think most PAX would have called it in that morning.

Gearlander: Nike Dri-Fit hat, Dri-fit Wolf tank (to match the rest of the Qs), Nike compression pants, Costco Simple Pants, Nike Dri-fit socks, New Balance 880s. Additional apparel: Eddie Bauer Rain Jacket, several pairs of gloves.

QICs: McAfee, Nino, Violet, Catfish, Hot Wheels, and BackDraft

PAX: Methane, Old Bay, Double Down (R), Cochran, Vacuum, Fergie, Wilson (R), OJ, Tron, Glen Ross, Pope, KY (OG), Captain Insane-O, Retainer, Milton, Viking, Le Pew, LadyBird (R), Crock Pot, Swifty, Dark Helmet (Birthday Boy!), Digiorno, Zartan, Gilligan, Grinder, Bid Bird, Valdez, Wildflower, Little Jerry (R), Miyagi, BUSCHH, Airplane, Snow Day, Fridge, Pork Chop, Loco, Gypsy, Starchild, Kilo, Meter Maid, Momma’s Boy, Plumb Bob, Diablo, Face, Jolly Rancher, Fungi, Kimble, Huggies, Spaulding, Sand Trap (R), Jitterbug (R), Alexa, Deuce, Red Roof (OG), Gillespie, Tureen, Geppetto, Snowman, Pepperoni, Iceman (R), Shiplap, Fanny Pack (R), Jerry McGuire (RR), Tiger, Mr. Kotter, Wabbits (FNG), Nice and Slow, Nugget, Seabass, Wham!, Abacus, Flo Jo, Scube Steve, Gisselle

Before we got into the workout, our new Nantan, Captain Insane-O wanted to say a few words. I won’t try to replicate what he said, but for those of you who were there, it was really captivating and showed how the growth of F3 Louisville has evolved. For those of you who could not make it, I am sure he would be willing to share with you. My personal takeaway was realizing how many men had gone before me to help get us where we are today. As a member of our leadership team, I am incredibly appreciative f the work that was put in by those who helped launch F3 Louisville.

After this, we jumped right in. Nino started off by announcing our Q Starting Line-up: Violet, Catfish, Hot Wheels, and Backdraft. They took no time to get us moving and get into COP


Violet – 20 Imperial Walkers in cadence (Core Principle – F3 is always outside: rain or shine, heat or cold)

Catfish – 25 Merkins Single Count (Core Principle – F3 is led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary)

Hot Wheels – 20 Side Straddle Hops in cadence (Core Principle – F3 is free of charge)

Backdraft – 20 Mountain Climbers in cadence (Core Principle – F3 is open to all men)

After COP, YHC had the PAX count off and divide into four groups to go with each of the four Qs for some station work for the workout. PAX would rotate every ~10 minutes from the station to station. PAX would move in chronological order to the next station.

Here is what each Q had in store:

MAIN THANG – Four Stations

Station 1 – Violet

PAX formed a line along the third base foul line on the softball field.

While PAX conducted plank jacks, one member bunny hopped into an area filled with plastic eggs. The designated bunny picked an egg, called out the exercise written on the egg, and all PAX completed the exercise.

Designated bunny then sprinted back to the group and a new bunny started hopping to egg area while PAX conducted plank jacks.

Twenty repetitions of each exercise were performed since we were working out on the 20th of the month. Rinse and repeat until time for PAX to rotate to the next station.

Exercises included in the egg field were: Happy Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Prisoner Jump Squats, Alternating Jump Lunges, Joe Louis, Bobby Hurleys, Peter Parker Merkins, Contra Burpees, Broadjump + Crab Walk combo, Sprints, Bernie Sanders, Up-Downs, Buddy Carry, and T-Bones.

Station 2 – Catfish

Bear Crawl / Burpee Jack Webb:

Each Bear Crawl = 1 count. 4 Bear Crawl paces / 1 Burpee, 8 Bear Crawl paces / 2 Burpees, 12 Bear Crawl paces / 3 Burpees, etc. Up to 40 Bear Crawls and 10 Burpees.

Not much mumblechatter in any of the 4 groups. PAX smoked it and all went hard.

Station 3 – Hot Wheels

The Pax partnered up with coupons. Working together they completed:

2 sets each of weighted merkins to failure w/ coupons.
3 sets of 15 thrusters
2 sets of 10 halos
2 sets of 10 curls
2 sets of 10 rows

Shout out to Diablo for busting out like 45 merkins with two coupons on his back. BEAST! All Pax crushed it. It was cold, it was wet, it was muddy, and the Pax pushed through like the true HIMs they are!

Station 4 – Backdraft

Thang 4: Gather Pax at the top of Cogan’s Corner.

Complete 5 Burpee’s at the top of the hill, run to the bottom of the hill, complete 15 bodyweight squats, bear crawl 10 yards up the other side of Cogan’s Corner, then run to the cones at the top of the hill.

Complete 25 Merkins at the top, run back to the bottom of the hill, then 15 bodyweight squats, bear crawl 10 yards up the hill, then run the remainder of the hill to the starting point.


At the end of roughly 40 minutes worth of pain dished out by this Q crew, we sounded the horns for the PAX to return to the Flags for COT.

With this many guys and several other announcements to make, we opted to dive right into COT.

Nino and YHC announced the fifth Core Principle – F3 always ends in a circle of trust and so we did.


First, since we had a special guest at Convergence we wanted to recognize those who competed and completed the Double Down Challenge. This challenge was put in place to honor a PAX who was going through some serious health issues. Thankfully he is on the other side of it now, but the goal was to honor him and show our support.

Here are the recipients of the award/patch:

Abacus, Aerobie, Alexa, Backdraft, Big Bird, Bulletin, Catfish, Deuce, Fanny Pack, Fergie, Flo Jo, Fungi, Geppetto, Glen Ross, Grinder, Hot Wheels, Huggies, Iceman, Jitterbug, Jolly Rancher, Kilo, McAfee (YHC), Meter Maid, Momma’s Boy, PK, Pew Pew, Plumb Bob, Pork Chop, Snowman, Valdez, Viking, Violet, Wham!

Next, we wanted to recognize the work of several PAX (one in particular: Worm) for starting a new Black Ops site at the Vets for a Heavy Workout and successfully launching and sustaining that effort. Since Worm was not there to accept, we presented a shovel flag to Hot Wheels to represent that the Heavy at Vets on Monday is the newest AO of F3 Louisville, and from here forward will be referred to as Big Mo! Congrats Worm and the rest of the Vets PAX!

Lastly, as we gathered together I reminded everyone about why COT is so important. This is a time where a brother can bring their intentions, prayer requests, thoughts and or praises to share with the group. I am reminded each time of how great this group is when we come together for COT. I opened up the opportunity to the group and several PAX shared their intentions. Most notably was Kilo thanking the PAX for their prayer for his M, and we are now proud to say she is cancer free. Other intentions were lifted up, prior to YHC yielding the final thoughts our fearless leader and Nantan, Captain Insane-O.

Final thoughts:

Since I have the honor of writing up this backblast, I am going to take a few moments to reflect on what this group has meant to me. When I first came out over 18 months ago, I had no reservations about working out, was not scared of a 5 AM wake up call and quite frankly thought I was in pretty good shape. With that being said, this group has still changed my life in ways I did not think was possible. I am now eager to get up every morning to meet with other PAX to challenge myself as well as others and take on the day head first. I am in better shape, physically, mentally and spiritually now that I was before joining F3. I have made friends who I anticipate will be lifelong partners through thick and thin. I have also gained perspective about leadership, mental toughness, and grit that I never really tapped into before. We often say this is so much more than a workout group, and my M even said at one time it is somewhat of a cult, and I kind of agree. However, now she claims this group has been one of the best things I have done for myself, for our marriage and for our future family. For that, I am extremely grateful for the men who have gone before me and helped create this amazing group.

Here is to another great year of fitness, fellowship, and faith! Here, here!

McAfee out.


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