Back Blast – The Nest – 04/27/2019

When I polled the PAX on who read my back blast, which included a subtle hint about my weinke, there weren’t many who raised their hands.  For those history buffs, it was actually on May 6, 1937 to be precise…which was the Hindenburg Blimp disaster.  I wasn’t sure how it’d go, especially after Fungi, Fergie and Big Bird beat me up this week – my body was protesting.  However, as I mentioned in my pre-blast, the only cure I’ve ever found is to just keep going and with me at the Q I really didn’t have a choice.


Fantastic – a little chilly, which makes it great for a beat down.  The weather is finally starting to turn around which I love because that means it’s friendly for 2.0s – and Fun Dip really wanted to join.


Echo – 2.0
Le Pew
Trekkie – 2.0
Meter Maid
Mama’s Boy
Alicorn – FNG
Fun Dip – 2.0
Jolly Rancher – Q

Disclaimers given and we welcomed our FNG, who is PK’s cousin from DR in St. Louis.  Hopefully he’ll be posting back in the gloom!  We then set out for a quick mosey around the campus.


SSH – 40x
Grass Grabbers – 15x
Runners Stretches
Quad Stretches
Toy Soldiers – 20x

The Thang:

I introduced the one and only Thang that was planned, which was to complete the Hindenburg BLIMPS.  This included four stations around the back parking lot of St. Al’s in a circle.  We would go around the circle and complete the Bs at each of the four stations together.  Early finishers were rewarded with some LBCs, planks, or whatever poison they desired.  We would then move on to Ls at each of the four stations – and rinse and repeat until the Ss.  The exercises and reps were:

B – Burpees – 10x each station – 40x total.
L – Lunges – 20x each station – 80x total.
I – Imperial Walkers – 30x each station – 120x total.
M – Merkins – 40x each station – 160x total.
P – Plank Jacks – 50x each station – 200x total.
S – Squats – 60x each station – 240x total.


We ended with about 15 minutes to spare – woohoo!  The PAX were on fire…especially the 2.0s, however, I’m not certain they made it through all of the reps!  But it was great to see them out running around together.

So, we lined up for some sprints in the back parking lot.  We did 3x sprints…not sure who the winners were for each sprint, but it sure wasn’t me.

We still had more time – double woohoo!  So, we circled up for some Mary.  This included some:

Gas Pumps – 20x
Big Boy Situps – 20x
Circle Bear Crawl – 1x
Flutter Kicks – 15x
Dips – 25x

Not going to lie, but the Q juice was flowing pretty heavy at this point – luckily for the PAX and I, we were saved by the church bells.


Name-a-rama, count-a-rama, and then the PAX had to remind me about naming our FNG.  I’m still not sure what crap PK was feeding his cousin that made him want to get up in the morning on a weekend visit to Louisville and do a bunch of stupid things with a group of guys he has never met, but, he did and there he was.  PK is a HL’ing machine.  Happy to have Alicorn out there in the gloom with us and I hope that he gets bitten by the F3 bug to keep it up back in St. Louis.

Announcements were had – lots of PAX Q-ing some anniversaries coming up.  I continue to be encouraged by these HIMs and their commitment to keep getting better.

Intentions were said – including for safety for all of the runners.  I then shared with the PAX that each and every morning I am in the gloom, it truly is the hardest part of my day and everything else goes down hill.

Love these group of HIMs.

Jolly Rancher out.

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