Thunder and a driving rain woke me up at 4 AM this morning.  I was already resigned to the fact that we would get wet.  No avoiding it.  But it was raining so hard that I thought I might be the only one to show.  I pulled in to Veteran’s park and saw one car.  At least there was one brave soul out in the gloomy rain.  2 cars later and we had a foursome.  Tee time – 5:30.  But wait, the cars were moving.  Was everyone leaving?  I hopped out of the car and trotted to the circle and from there saw PK, Malito and an FNG (Rainout) under a brand new, brightly lit portico.  I had a Wienke planned but left it to the group, get soaked or modify and do a complete 45 minute work out in a 15′ x 15′ space.  We chose to modify but I did not guarantee you wouldn’t get wet.  About 1/2 way through the sweat was starting to flow.

We moved the picnic tables to create some space and started COT.  SSH’s IC, Imperial squat walkers IC, did some stretching and started the thang.

Thang 1 – Jack Webb, Merkins and plank Jack’s with a single burpee on each set.  We stared and finished on our feet with and made it to 10/40.

Thang 2 – Lt. Dan Webb – 1/4 Squats and lunges.

Thang 3 – 2-1/2 minutes of planking –  various poses.

Thang 4 – Abyss merkins using the picnic tables followed by stet-ups.  3 sets – 20 each.

Last but not least – Mary.  We did Davincis, Single leg/arm cross body pike, Freddy Mercs and reverse crunches to wrap up the morning.

We circled up for COT and named FNG – Rainout.   Finished with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to honor our Vets and service members.

Until next time – SYITG  Happy Derby.  Vincent.


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