5/4 Backblast The O #DerbyRuiner

Recently someone mentioned that they thought my Q’s weren’t all that difficult. Well let’s change that. A while back I saw that the Ruiner was open on derby. I had previously ran a derby themed Q back in the fall of 17′. I got to thinking how I could spice this one up a bit. Well instead of running the 1.25 lap at Seneca, let’s all carry a coupon in doing so. Here’s a PP analysis of the workout.

Q – OJ

PAX: Violet, Red Roof, Vincent (R), Tammy Faye Baker, Seabass, Nugget, Pope


145 SSHs (IC) – 😊 where was Zoo?

The 2019 F3 Derby

Everyone grabbed a coupon and we were off.

I’m not going to lay out all the facts I mentioned at each furlong but I’ll give you the exercise. If you want to read the trivia stuff, just go back and pull up my original Q. It was mostly the same, mostly (I hope someone got that reference).

1. 20 Merkins IC

2. 40 Imperial Squat Walkers IC + 3 BOYOs

3. 21 Plank Jacks IC

4. 15 Flutter Kicks IC

5. 6 4×4’s + 15 BOYOs

6. 91 Squats OYO

7. 17 BOYOs

8. 54 LBCs IC + 26 Big Boys

9. 13 BOYOs

10. Plank while listening to the 1973 Derby. Each time the announcer mentioned Secretariat, PAX would do one Merkin.

Bonus – high knees while listening to the 2018 Derby. Each time the announcer said Justify, PAX would drop for one Burpee, I know right? Nice of OJ to mix it up a bit.

I enjoyed running this one again. Adding the coupons was a good idea. Thanks to all that came out.

We finished with some prayer requests and intentions. I closed us out with thanks to the good Lord above.


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