Post-Blast – North Posh – The Silo – 5/6/19


This was the morning Viking forgot how to count.  All started innocently enough with SSH to warm up and one look at catfish (who was trying to figure out what the heck I was doing) and we all started laughing….  that was the end of SSH.  While my counting didn’t get much better (may have gotten worse) as my Q went on we still had a good work out.  I introduced the group to what I’m calling the “Viking Toss” where we split into teams and each had to toss 20lb medicine ball up and down the hill in race style.  First one tosses it, next runs up and tosses it, etc.  racing the other team.  Good times.  We also worked through a jack web of American Hammers and Bench press (both with coupons), additional coupon work, additional clock merkins, and finished with a run to the boat house and some mary.

Those who made it through my VQ like behavior were:

Uncle Rico, Milton, Miracle Grow, Cowboy, dunphy, fructuous, airplane, catfish, Abacus, Meter Maid, OJ, Viking (Q)


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