BB: May 2 – FloJo at the O for Olympic Prep

Shiplap, Oboe, Pixar, Butcher, Wham!, Scuba Steve, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet and FloJo (Q) got a good pre-run in for the Olympics on May 2 and the O.  9 strong ready to rock it on May 18th – have you all signed up?!

Quick mosey over to basketball court for warmups:

SSH’s x 30 IC

Standing Abe Vigodas (Toy Soldiers) x 15 IC

Cobra Squats x 15 IC


Merkins x 10 IC

Lunges x 15 IC


Event 1:  Shuttle Run – half court and back, full court and back to prep for Shuttle Run.  2 runs per man.  1/2 ran, while others did LBC’s, switch

Event 2:  Broad Jump – jumped slowly across the court and back, going for as few jumps as possible to prep for stationary Broad Jump in Olympics.

Event 3:  2:00 situps.  Partnered up, one counted, the other worked.  Switch and repeat.

Jog back to park and over to restrooms

Event 4:  2:00 Box Jumps (WOOF!) – potentially the hardest event, gasser!

Jog over to CAL:

Event 5:  100 yard sprint.  Split into groups of three, all you got for roughly 100 yards – a lot longer than many thought.

Event 6:  2:00 pushups.

Jog back to tennis courts.  Had 4 minutes left, elected for abs in place of 400 as all were gassed.  Various ab work, and off to the flag for some COT.

My mistake holding my water in my hand as I give bumps to HIMs for a great workout, should have known Scuba Steve was going to splash me with it.


Flo Jo

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