BB – April 25th – OJ Fartsack

5 strong at the O on April 25th as OJ dreams of better days ahead.  FloJo (QIC), Violet, Pope, Dumpster and Joanna Gaines all ready…5:29 comes, no Q, what to do….Violet says he will lead if need be, I let him know I have a workout planned and can take it on.  5:30 comes, no OJ, so off we go.  Quick disclaimer, ready to mosey…

1 mile mosey with 3 stops every 1/3 mile roughly:

SSH’s:  30 IC

Mosey 1/3 and stop:

Imperial Squat Walkers:  15 IC

Mosey 1/3 and stop:

Lunges:  15 IC

Back to grab a coupon and over to the field for some BLIMP action.  Quickly realize field is too muddy, and over to the tennis courts – ready to modify:


Take one coupon down to the other end of four tennis courts, sprint back for the next until all five are transferred.

Other PAX (AMRAP of each):

Burpees on first coupon run

Lunges on second coupon run

Imperial Walkers on third coupon run

Merkins on fourth coupon run

Plank Jacks on fifth coupon run.

Switch players, rinse and repeat until each PAX has transferred coupons.

Put the coupons on the shelf, and line up for a Prisoner Native American Run, with back of line runner weaving in between others to the front.  About 1/3 mile, then switched to Scout run (sprint 10 second, burpees until line catches you).  Back to the flag right at 6:14.

OLYMPICS ARE COMING!  Intentions, prayer and out.

Flo Jo


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