BB 5/15/19 The Blender: Tureen crosses the threshold and Glen Ross jumps rope

QIC: Tureen

17 Pax: Gillespie, Plumb Bob, Rih Rih, Cowbell, Pope, Fridge, Zartan, Buschhhh, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Gepetto, Cornbread, Zima, Wedding Singer, Blueprint, Sump Pump, Tureen

Conditions: Just like I always dreamed for my “first time”

About Last Night: No matter how many times I’ve heard grumblings about “the night before a Q” for some reason I thought I could overcome the “tossing and turning, and constantly checking the clock”.  I did not.  With three kids under 6, I’m used to disrupted sleep, but this was different.  This was looking at the clock seeing it was 3AM and closing my eyes for a another hour or so, only to see that it was 3:02 the next time I woke up.  It was a long night trying to force myself to sleep, but eventually I gave up and rolled out of bed at 4 something. 

Exercise sheets organized: check

Playlist cued for a blend of “pump you up” rock and hip hop classics: check

Let’s go!

COP: It definitely is a different perspective watching guys show up when you are Q, versus when you’re not.  Not sure I can describe it, but if you’ve done it, you know.

Glen Ross gave me the nod at 7:30, disclaimer given and next thing I knew we were moseying to the usual spot

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Abe Vigodas
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Downward Dog (Left over Right. Right over Left)
  • Plank, Merkin, Side arm balance
  • Chair/Crescent Pose (resulted in Buschhh’s first request to “just do burpees”)
  • Batwings: 20 large arm circles forward, 20 backward; 20 front claps, 20 overhead claps (resulted in Buschhh’s second request to “just do burpees”)

Grab coupons and return

I took a page from one of my favorite workouts recently (hat tip to Plum Bob) due to the combination of a good workout and some reallygood F2 chatter.  There are the OJ, and Catfish workouts that we all dread (but respect the heck out of), and then there are the workouts that you leave feeling like you worked out, but the comradery gives you a boost for the rest of the day.  (then there is a Pork Chop anniversary Q, where you wonder “what the hell did we just do?”, but let’s not go there).  For my first Q my focus would be to set the stage for a good work out and some fun banter.

So 16 stations lined up 8 and 8 (facing each other)

Scattered amongst the stations were 10 Pull Ups (at the playground) This was the push.  Everything else was AMRAP.

Encouraged the Pax to push themselves to failure on each station, as there would be no surprise “time bombs” at the end to save yourself for. 

Here’s the playing field, leave it all out there.

  1. Squats
  2. Decline Merkins
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Upright Rows
  5. Curls
  6. Wall Sit
  7. Bench Press
  8. Tricep Dips
  9. Lateral Merkins   
  10. Big Boys
  11. Coupon Swings
  12. Overhead Press
  13. LBC’s
  14. Incline Merkins
  15. Toe Taps
  16. Jump Rope (should be part of all workouts going forward for pure comic relief)

Solid work from the Pax on the stations, next time I’ll make sure I’m not in a pull up group with Cowbell and Pope (whoof).

Before I knew it, it was 6:13 so we wrapped it all up, returned the coupons and rallied at the flag.


Announcements: Zima did his darndest to promote AO Olympics, but Glenn Ross kind of overshadowed it with his Field Day (Second Anniversary).

Intentions stated.

Took us out with gratitude to all the Pax for their encouragement, but most of all for showing up.

Life is about showing up.  I (we) constantly fail. But, we pick ourselves up, and we show up for our families, our jobs, and for each other.  That’s what matters at the end of the day. We show up and we give it all we got. Let’s do it again tomorrow.

Tureen out.

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