BB 5/15/19 The Blender: Tureen crosses the threshold and Glen Ross jumps rope

QIC: Tureen 17 Pax: Gillespie, Plumb Bob, Rih Rih, Cowbell, Pope, Fridge, Zartan, Buschhhh, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Gepetto, Cornbread, Zima, Wedding Singer, Blueprint, Sump Pump, Tureen Conditions: Just like I always dreamed for my “first time” About Last Night: No matter how many times I’ve heard grumblings about “the night before a Q” for some […]

5/15/19 The Blender Pre-blast: Tureen (VQ) Will the streak come to an end?

Gepetto declared I may have the record for most posts without a Q.  That actually sounds pretty great.  Why stop now? I guess you’d better show up tomorrow, in case I decide to keep the streak going. (Just need to figure out how to not make it awkward when I show up and people think […]