Back Blast – 9/28: The Hurt @ The Mutt

“Alright Tureen, I’ll be at the Mutt tomorrow. You up for a wager on the game tonight?” – Nugget

I’ve done some dumb things over the years: but betting on St. X (straight up) Friday night is right up there with partnering with @buschhhhh or @f3pope for a full morning. But that’s what we do: stupid stuff because somebody says “let’s do it”.

So alas, I donned a Trinity t-shirt for The Hurt Saturday morning, and I loved every minute of it. I mean, not wearing the t-shirt (I threw up in my mouth several times looking down at the shirt) but I really appreciated the group of guys that showed up to get better. Friday night was a late night, and I know many HIMs were looking forward to sleeping in, but when I looked around and saw @seabass (who had earned a day off of practice), @glynross, @backdraft2, @nugget, @whaml (who spent his typical Friday night at 4th Street) and the rest of the pax it was both humbling and invigorating. My 2.0 Lamarvelous, and Deuce’s 2.0 (FNG: Stan Lee) showed up and showed out, and with that Disclaimer was given and we were off…

Q: Tureen Pax: No Show, Sump Pump, Nugget, Wham, Wham-O, Stan Lee (FNG), Deuce, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Blueprint, Seabass, Soft Top, Lamarvelous,

Quick Mosey around school for Warm up:

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Abe Vagodas, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, Merkin-Side Arm Balance Combo, and Batwings (deep into the F3 exercise vault).

Thang 1: Run up Leland to St. Matts Ave. and back down Elmwood with a series of moves at 5 different stops: Burpee Pushes x10 (created and demonstrated by Lamarvelous, not sure I did a single one correctly), Squats x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Big Boys x20, Plank Jacks x20.

Thang 2: Group partnered up at big playground. Partner 1 Pullups x10, Partner 2 amrap LBCs. Switch. Complete three rounds of pullups x10, and amrap LBCS, Freddie Mercurys, and Gas Pumps.

Mosey to the Prayer Garden, grab a coupon

Thang 3: Inspired by recent posts by emphasizing good form and not rushing, we took on a series of slow exercises, and it sucked.

With each upward movement at a 5 count, followed by the negative movement at a 5 count we tackled the following:

Curls x10, Rows x10, Overhead Press x10, Dips x10, and one more set of Curls x10.

It may not sound like much but going at that slow of pace was tough (for me anyway, maybe it was cause I was wearing a Trinity shirt…)

Thang 4: With 10 minutes to go I led the Pax to the football field along the way I shared how I have sat in the stands at many UofL football games passing judgment on every participant in the Punt, Pass, Kick halftime challenge, and today we were going to tackle it.

Divided into teams, Nugget and Seabass led their respective teams with awesome throws to get things started. (I made sure I had Seabass on my team) Pax sprinted to the balls and did 10 merkins. I think @f3deuce? punted for Nugget’s team and hit a doozie (spiral and eveything) middle of the field, down to about the 15 yard line. @Sump Pump placed a nice little pooch punt to the (far) left hash about 25 yards out. With the longer kick staring me down, I insisted @whamolouf3 kick their 15 yarder declaring “I didn’t want to ‘give him the line'” (for all the golfers out there). Wham-o’s kick dropped just under the cross bar, and 30 years of kicking soccer balls paid off for me as mine went through the uprights and I turned looking for Patti Swope to hand me the keys to my new car. Alas, I just got a sweaty fist bump from @whaml but to me it was a still a lifelong dream fulfilled!

With four minutes left we knocked out some quick Mary and circled up.

COT: One FNG Stan Lee (Deuce’s 2.0). Announcements. Intentions. I shared with the group that I have been in a funk lately, low on patience at home, frustrated at work and how easy it can be to get down on yourself even when you want to be in better spirits. But also how simple it can be to be picked up out of your gloom by others if you let yourself. For me it was an invite to the football game from @Gepetto and @backdraft2, followed by some much appreciated banter with @nugget. I can’t thank those guys enough for their friendship. And while they may have had no idea, they pulled me right out of my funk. So here’s to a great week ahead. I am grateful for all of you, and look forward to seeing you in the gloom.

Quick shout out a few of the Pax: No Show: you’re killing it man, so glad you are part of this group, keep it up. Sump Pump: really appreciate the dedication you are pouring into the group. Wham: an OG that everyone wants at their workout, thanks man. Deuce: thanks for reaching out before the workout with encouragement. Blueprint: rock solid man, always look for you, and you’re always there. Soft Top: super impressed you’ve doubled down from a weekender to a constant, keep it up. Wham-O: I’m gonna catch you one of these days! Glen Ross: nothing but love for ya, even though I left you off the attendance report. Gepetto: nice fartsack…

Tureen out.

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