05/29/19 – Blender backblast


PAX: 17. Tureen, Nugget, Geppetto, Buschhh, Fridge, Cowbell, Blueprint, Plumb Bob, Vincent (R), Miyagi, FNG Tom Bodett, PED, Snowman, Pepperoni, Tammy Faye Baker, Captain Insane-O, Old Bay (Q)

Conditions: 79* and Humid.  Like stupid Humid.  Louisville Humid.

0530, Disclaimer, welcome 1 FNG.  He looks like he can get after it.

Mosey around school

COP: 20 SSH IC, 20 T-Merkins IC, 20 Copperhead Squats IC, Downward dog, Runner’s stretch.  Rinse and repeat.

Partner up for Thang 1: 5150.  5150 came out in 1986.  Buschhh wasn’t even born yet, but this album became one of my favorites.  While Sammy crooned out of my good time sound machine, teams did 51 burpees + 50 Jump lunges, and then 51 Merkins + 50 Apollo Ohnos.  P1 does work while P2 runs parking lot and back.

Over to coupon garden for Thang 2:  

  • Everyone grab a coupon and some wall.  20 coupon step ups IC.  Coupons up, walk around path to the hill, partner up.
  • P1 All you got up the hill with coupon, 10 coupon thrusters up top, back down.  P2 incline plank.  Switch.  Rinse and repeat, AYG up the hill, 10 chest presses, back down.  P2 decline plank.  Woof.
  • Coupons up and walk path to back stretch.  Partner up.  P1 Louisville Honey Pot out and back about 10 yards.  P2 Coupon Al Gore.
  • Overhead carry coupons to basket ball court.  P1 2 coupon farmer carry around perimeter of court.  P2 plank.  Switch, then repeat.  I was gonna have us on the swings, but they were torn down yesterday.  Wanh wanh.
  • Back to coupon garden, put ’em away

06:13.  2MOM.  Scissor kicks and Freddie Mercurys.  TIME.

Welcomed an FNG.  He’s from Virginia, lived in San Francisco, owns Joella’s Hot Chicken, and works in hotel real estate.  We named him Tom Bodett, because F3 will always leave the light on for ya.  See what I did there?


Prayers for those re-entering the States or the job market, prayers for those in PT, prayers for those who have battled/are battling cancer.  I closed us out with some words of gratitude and challenged the boys to go find the next right thing to do.  Love this group, and feel way better than when I woke up.


~ Old Bay


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