The Mutt Backblast #soreonsunday 6/1/2019

Q:  Cornbread

Pax: Softtop, Windshield, Miagi, Blueprint, Juicy, Guipetto, Snowman, Tureen, Wham-O, & FNG.

Eleven in the pax with one FNG joining us.  Quick mosey to the portico for a warm-up consisting of windmills, side straddle hops, michael phelps, downward dog to cobra, runners stretch, forward bend, mountain post with side stretches, and triceps stretch.  Then a quick mosey to pick up coupons and set up for the main event.  We laid out six stations for 30 minutes of pure calisthenic hell with three minutes of work at each station.  Station #1:  10 pull-ups, 10 bent-over left arm row, 10 Australian pull-ups, 10 bent-over right arm row.  Station #2: 10 Bench dips, 10 archer merkins (right arm), 10 low-bar skull crushers, 10 archer merkins (left arm).  Station #3  Farmer’s carry with shoulder shrugs – 10 paces, Bear Walk – 10 paces forward & back, 10 squat curl to thruster, 15 plank-jacks.  Station #4: 10 dive-bomber merkins, 10 overhead shoulder press, 10 front delt-raise, 15 arm circles (forward & reverse).  Station #5:  10 jump-squats, 10 wounded soldiers (left), 10 goblet squats, 10 wounded soldiers (right).  Station #6: 6 birddogs each side, 12 left plank scissors, 12 coupon swings, 12 right plank scissors.

To be honest, I was so gassed by station #6 I thought I was going to throw up.  Work-to-failure! After 6 circles of calisthenics hell we continued with #ringoffire for some abs work.  Then 5 minutes in the “final stretch” with a yoga cool-down.

Circle at the flag to welcome our FNG now known as “Peanut.”  Prayers and intentions offered.  See you at Mass this weekend!  #soreonSunday.

Peace and all blessings,


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