Back Blast – Jolly Filled Wisteria – 05/31/2019

I’ve been on the physical unable to perform [PUP] list for nearly a few weeks due to a lower back sprain.  I was hesitant about posting today because I didn’t want to regress, but I’m thankful I had the Q to force me to give it a shot to see how it has recovered so I don’t use it as an excuse anymore to not post.  Thankfully, I survived my own Q and the back didn’t seem to bother me.

I rolled into Wisteria not really knowing exactly what we would be doing as I had to work later the night before, which took up my preparation times.  I felt confident that something would hit me on the way there – and sure enough, about half way through I had a Thang, which turned into two Thangs.  The third Thang wasn’t conceived until the middle of Thang Two.  5:30am was called after the last PAX came up to the flag.  After announcing I wasn’t a professional and to modify, as needed, we began to fun.

Meter Maid
Pork Chop
Jolly Rancher [Q]

We set off for a mosey to the school for some COP, which included:

SSH – 15x
Imperial Squat Walkers – 15x
SSH – 15x
Downward Dog Stretches
SSH – 15x

Thang 1 – Merkin Bear Crawl

We began on one side of the large parking lot and went to the other.  Started with 1x merkin, then a 4x count bear crawl, then 2x merkins, then a 8x count bear crawls.  Keep adding until we ended at 10x merkins and 40x count bear crawl.

Thang 2 – Elevens

Started on the opposite side of the large parking lot where we ended Thang 1 and started on Elevens which were squats and then a 4x count jump lunge on the other side.  The 4x count jump lunges always sound good in my mind, but during execution it sucks – and then the day after it REALLY sucks.

Thang 3 – Route 66

We mosied back to the large circle around Wisteria on the opposite side of where the flag is planted.  I split the PAX into two groups – 6 went counter clockwise and 5 went clockwise.  Instructions were to complete 5 big boy situps and 10 LBCs at each light post until you got to the other side of the circle by the flag.  I believe there’s at least 5 light posts – so that’s about 25 big boy situps and 50 LBCs.

We ended with a few minutes of Mary as well as other random exercises, just for fun.  I don’t recall all of them, but they included at least:

Gas Pumps
Flutter Kicks
Plank – 30 seconds
Pickle Pounders
Elbow Plank – 30 seconds
Pulse Squats

Ended with count-a-rama, name-o-rama, announcements and intentions.

Always a pleasure to lead the PAX.

Jolly Rancher!

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