Backblast: 10-12 The Hurt @ The Mutt

Oops.  As I looked at today’s Q (11-2)and back-blast I realized I never published one for the October 12 Q.  Better late than never so here it goes. PAX (7): Pepperoni, Blueprint, Windshield, Massie, Softtop, Whamo, Cornbread (Q) Welcome and disclaimer given, we moseyed around to the portico. WARMUP:  yoga moves and mobility drills toContinue reading “Backblast: 10-12 The Hurt @ The Mutt”

BackBlast 11.2 The Hurt @ the Mutt

On this feast day of All Souls we did a little penance for the holy souls.  7:00 a.m., dark and 31*.  brrrrrrrrrr (but not for long) PAX (14):  Pepperoni, Softtop, Lionel, NoShow, Loco, Barney Fife, Tiger, Driesdale, Wham, Deuce, SumpPump, Bumblebee, GlenRoss, Cornbred (Q) Our normal Saturday a.m. showing is usually around 6-10. Today weContinue reading “BackBlast 11.2 The Hurt @ the Mutt”

BB: 9-7: Playground Time @ the Mutt

Pax:  Glen Ross, Pepperoni, Windshield, Softtop, Bourbon, NoShow, Whamo, Old Bay, Cornbread (Q) Weather: 64* at sunrise. 7:00 a.m.: Welcome and Disclaimer given. Warm-up:  quick mosey to the prayer garden for a brief stretch n warm up led by Pepperoni. Then an overhead coupon-run around the trail with stops along the way for incline merkins,Continue reading “BB: 9-7: Playground Time @ the Mutt”

Preblast 9-7: Playground Time @ the Mutt

Saturday 9-7 forecast:  7:00 a.m. 64* and waiting for the sunrise.  It’s playground time at the Mutt, but this won’t be kids stuff (ok, maybe a little).  There will be some running, some coupon work (bring gloves) and creative use of the playground sure to keep it fun and guaranteed to make you #soreonsunday.    #SYITG.Continue reading “Preblast 9-7: Playground Time @ the Mutt”

BB: “Dog Days of August” @ the Mutt 8-3

Pax: Whamo, Pepperoni, Blueprint, Massie, Left-Eye, Geppetto, PlumbBob, T-Ball, Tureen,  Airball, Spida, SumpPump, Cornbread (Q) Weather:  67* n sunshine. 7:00 a.m.: Welcome and disclaimer given.  Reminder to modify as needed and to help each other to follow perfect form (and avoid injury).  We had some little guys with us and the dads worked the modificationsContinue reading “BB: “Dog Days of August” @ the Mutt 8-3″

BB: Heatwave @ The Mutt 7-20

Pax:  Windshield, Big Papi, Face, Whamo, Softtop, Cornbread (Q) Weather: hot n steamy and the sun wasn’t quite over the trees yet when we got started. 7:00 a.m.:  Welcome to all and disclaimer given.  Extra caution with the heat n humidity.  Reminder to modify when needed and to follow perfect form.  Announced a drink stationContinue reading “BB: Heatwave @ The Mutt 7-20”

The Mutt Backblast #soreonsunday 6/1/2019

Q:  Cornbread Pax: Softtop, Windshield, Miagi, Blueprint, Juicy, Guipetto, Snowman, Tureen, Wham-O, & FNG. Eleven in the pax with one FNG joining us.  Quick mosey to the portico for a warm-up consisting of windmills, side straddle hops, michael phelps, downward dog to cobra, runners stretch, forward bend, mountain post with side stretches, and triceps stretch.Continue reading “The Mutt Backblast #soreonsunday 6/1/2019”