Backblast: 10-12 The Hurt @ The Mutt

Oops.  As I looked at today’s Q (11-2)and back-blast I realized I never published one for the October 12 Q.  Better late than never so here it goes.

PAX (7): Pepperoni, Blueprint, Windshield, Massie, Softtop, Whamo, Cornbread (Q)

Welcome and disclaimer given, we moseyed around to the portico.

WARMUP:  yoga moves and mobility drills to get ready. Then we moseyed  to the prayer garden and the supply closet to pick up supplies. K-balls, weighted pipe, 35 lb and 45 lb plates, Coupons.  We set up our stations and got to work.

THANG #1: 3 minute rounds on each station until time.

#1.  LEGS-1: Goblet Squat 10x (use large dbell), Cossack Squat 5L & 5R (body weight or k-bell), Lunges 10x (body weight or coupons)

#2.  LEGS-2: Kettle bell swing 12x, Good Mornings 12x (use weighted pipe across shoulders), One legged glute bridge 6L & 6R

#3  BACK: Plank  scapular merkin, Bent over row – L-10x, Bent over row – R-10x

#4 CHEST: Archer merkin L-10x,, Upper cut L-10x (dbell), Archer Merkin R-10x, Upper-cuts R-10x (dbell)

#5 SHOULDERS: Shoulder Press – 10x (coupon), Divebomber merkin 10x, Halos 10x (small plate)

#6 CORE: Plank – around the world 4x, American Hammers 20x, Flutter kicks 20x

THANG #2 After returning coupons and equipment we circled up for about 10 minutes of mobility and yoga flow.  I made it up as we went along – it’s an intuitive thang.

8:00 Namaste. Name-o-rama, announcements, prayer, and closing.  Great work guys!

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