10.31 BB: Halloween at the PWV Fire House Black Ops

Into the shadows of Halloween morning stood 5 men, dripping in the perspiration of the clouds ready for not what Fungi sent to the Pax, but what Gisele intended for the Pax. 

Weather: 50’s and Rain…yeah it was wet.  

Pax (5): Abacus, Fungi, Capt. Crunch Berries, Brown Water, Gisele (Q)

Started out with a disclaimer that I am not a professional, anything I say and do is merely a suggestion, please modify as needed..aye? After a short Mosey dodging the rain drops and dropping some coupons off at the back of the house to add to our coupon total… through the puddles we landed at PWVFD for some COP and stretching.

20 SSH

20 Grass Grabbers

15 Toy Soldiers

And some Downward Dog

Now it was time for the Main Thang…The Ladder! Being at the Fire House I felt it was fitting

5 Burpees

10 LBCs

15 Merkins

20 Air Press

25 Dry Docks

30 Squats

35 Plank Jacks

40 SSH

45 Mountain Climbers

50 jump Ropes

Light Damp Mosey to the car park in-between

It is always an honor to lead! My recent Qs have been wet but it doesn’t keep the friendship away

-Wet and cold Gisele

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