Back-Blast – The Nest @ The County – 6.1.19

It was a beautiful morning on Saturday and a great day to be out at The County. Aside from North Posh, I’ve posted more times at The County than any other location. I like the site and the friendships I’ve developed there over the last year.



Little Jerry(R)

Meter Maid

Jolly Rancher




We started out with a mosey around the entire property(1/2 mile) and then circled up for a warm-up:

25 x SSH

25 x Mountain Climbers

20 x Grass Grabbers

25 x Plank Jacks

40 x Merkins

Following the Warm-up, we did a hard run to the coupon area, grabbed some coupons and circled up in the parking lot behind the chapel. We then did about 5 minutes of coupon work:

Overhead Press(add negative resistance) x 25

Curls x 25

Squats x 25

Swings x 25

We then set the coupons aside and did a 10 minute burpee EMOM – 10 burpees every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. – Pope did this the first time I ever posted and I loved it. Thank you for that, Pope.

Following the EMOM, we went back through the coupon set above.

After returning the coupons, we ran back to the flag area. The next 5 minutes we spent doing fartleks(interval running) around the two end islands of the parking lot. One side was a jog and the other side was a hard run(80%). After 5 minutes elapsed, we lined up at the sidewalk for some clockwork merkins(10 regular, 10 one hand on curb and one hand on the parking lot, 10 derkins with feet on curb and then 10 with the other hand on the curb).

Following the Clockwork Merkins, we ran two more island laps performing cherry pickers(hands above the head for the full two laps).

We had about 7 minutes or so left afterward and we circled up for some Mary.

Single leg V-ups

Big Boys


Cross Crunches

Announcements: June Ruck on 6/14, June Merkin Challenge

We had a good group on Saturday and I was humbled to lead as always. Thank you for letting me.


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