Capture the flag New twist #2 #MerkinChallenge

0C712E99-6BCC-4EB8-AB9E-99D1484264BE.pngDuring CTF 2018 I noticed at several occasions multiple teams would be looking for the same flag at the same time.  They’d team up or give assistance to the other team.  While I’m all for team work and lending a helping hand, I’m about CTF being pure competition.  So this year YHC is introducing the Merkin Challenge. 

If multiple teams are circling an area at the same time looking for the same flag, or if you’re seen by another team capturing a flag before the captains text post is made signaling the capture.  A battle for the flag will ensue via a very fair merkin challenge


  • Each team will nominate their best merkin man
  • The teams will decide rucks on or off.  If teams can not come to agreement, paper rock scissors to determine.
  • Reps will be counted by the opposite team
  • Example team 1 merkins counted by team 2
  • A member of one of the 2 teams must FaceTime Kilo during Merkin challenge competition.
  • Winning team captures the flag and replants if Flag is neon.
  • Losing team moves on to another flag
  • Do not follow the winning team to replant location

Pays to be a winner VERY FAIR


Capture the flag new twist #1

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