BackBlast: The Big Kapowski 6/20

A perfect morning was provided and the Bayside HIMs took full advantage. This has been one of those weeks where I’ve just felt stressed and frustrated with all that has gone on. Busy work schedule, sick kids, sick wife, etc, etc. This Q was a great opportunity for me to work some of that out and the PAX were ready for it.

Banana Bread (Q)
Charolais (R)
Fanny Pack (R)
Shuttlecock (R)

We started with a disclaimer and quick mosey to the front of the school.


SSH (IC) x25
Hamstring Stretch
Imperial Walkers (IC) x20
Abe Vigodas (IC) x15

Mosey to grab coupons and back to upper parking lot.

Thang 1: Dora 1-2-3

Partner up and complete:

100 Merkins
200 Air squats
300 LBCs

Partner 1 works on exercise while partner 2 ran to end of parking lot and back. I worked by myself but tried to keep up with Shuttlecock. He was in beast mode as usual so it made me work.

Thang 2: 1 minute AMRAPs

PAX grabbed their coupons and circled up. We completed one minute intervals for 5 exercises. We rested for 15 seconds between exercises

Exercise 1: coupon curls
Exercise 2: overhead press
Exercise 3: kettle bell swings
Exercise 4: chest press
Exercise 5: flutter kicks w/ coupon

After set 1 we completed a long mosey and then rinse repeat the circuit.

This was a tough workout with limited resting. After a short recovery we returned the coupons and Birdie led the PAX through COT.


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