Blender Sloppiness 6.19.19 BackBlast


(Pictured above is Buschhhhh at the start of his first suicide)

I wish I could say this BB is a day late because it’s an incredible read, but that’s not the case. When I signed up to Q the Blender on 6.19.19 about 4-5 weeks ago my schedule was wide open at work & at home, but things change. Last week I found out my supervisor was going to be with me Wednesday-Thursday this week & that we also had family coming in from out of town. Needless to say, I didn’t have the normal “downtime” I usually would have on a Wednesday. Enough of the excuses, here’s what we did.

Conditions: 70 degrees with 90% humidity.


  1. Fall Guy (R)
  2. Cowbell
  3. Huggies
  4. Glen Ross
  5. Buschhhhh
  6. Blueprint
  7. Tureen
  8. Noxema Jackson
  9. Cornbread (R)
  10. BasicBro (DR)
  11. Fridge
  12. Cooter
  13. Loco
  14. Zima
  15. Nino (QIC)

Given my limited number of times posting at The Mutt I took a moment to introduce myself because there were multiple PAX in attendance I didn’t recognize. I then gave the disclaimer assuring the PAX I am not a professional, I’ve received no training, & everything I say to do is a suggestion so please modify as needed. With that we off on a mosey along the track that goes around the backside of the practice field & up to the back parking lot for COP.


  • Kendra Newmans
  • (15) Abe Vigotas
  • (15) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (15) Imperial Walkers IC

The PAX then counted off in threes to assign teams, we ended up with 5 teams in total (4 teams of 3 PAX & 1 team of 4 PAX). I instructed the PAX to grab a coupon & we moseyed over to the practice field for The Thang. In planning for this WO Kilo had told me they were doing construction on the playgrounds suggesting I use the parking lot & lets be honest, it’s been raining for like 10 days straight so the field had to be a wet sloppy mess. However, when I pulled up to El Mutt only a small portion of the practice field was covered in construction & since I put in my PB to wear off-road shoes we were going to get nasty.

The Thang

I placed 4 markers 20 yards apart down the middle of the field with the baseline being the side closest to the playgrounds. The PAX got together with their teams & placed their coupons down as I explained what were doing. In the middle of the baseline there was this sign:


To start things off, PAX 1 of a team would begin running the 80 yard suicide in which they were to do (10) Burpees when they got to the 80 yard Marker. While PAX 1 was running, PAX 2 & PAX 3 of the team began executing eachof the exercises & correlating reps on the board. When PAX 1 finished the suicide PAX 2 went to run while PAX 1 & PAX 3 continued to execute eachof the exercises & correlating reps on the board. This went on so on & so fourth with the requirement of all 3 PAX on the team completing (3) suicide runs individually. When the team was finished with the suicide runs I instructed the PAX to finish out any remaining exercises & reps from the board. If a PAX member on the team completed the board they were to then begin helping their teammates with their remaining work (this didn’t happen).

*SSH Tucks – this consisted of doing (8) SSH followed by (4) Tuck Jumps which equaled (1) rep. These absolutely kill your legs & as we were getting through them I called an audible & lowed the rep number from 25 to 15.

At 0610 I called for the PAX to halt & to return the coupons. By the time we returned the coupons & got back to the flag it was 0615. All the teams successfully completed the (3) rounds of suicides, but none had gotten all the way through the board of exercises. I told the teams they were all winners in my book & congratulated them as we circled up for COT.


  • COR
  • NOR
  • Announcements
  • Intentions

I thanked the PAX for coming & the opportunity to lead them for 45 minutes of their day. It’s a blessing to be apart of this group & enjoy the men you encounter/meet regardless of where you post.

Nino out.

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