6.20.19 Temple of Gloom | Back-Blast

QIC: Scuba Steve

17 Pax: Vamos!, Eggo, Jeter, FloJo, Tron, Green Wave, Violet, Pixar, Lobster, Butcher, Catfish, Carlos’e, Fungi, Shank, Fake News, Tammy Faye Baker, Scuba Steve

Mosey to CAL for warm up – grass grabbers, fast SSH, imperial squat walkers, copperhead merkins, 5 Boyos

Native American run the loop until we got back to the softball field.

In the pre-blast I mentioned (3) things: buzzwords, ultimate accountability, and giving ALL YOU’VE GOT – I stayed true to my word.

The first buzzword was Loyalty – I asked each pax to partner up and stay this with person until the end of the workout. I suggested imagining their partner as the most important person in their life and remember them throughout the workout.

The second buzzword was Honor – during the workout, I asked the pax to give all they had on every workout, and when they didn’t, they were to keep a mental tally.

The third buzzword was Surrender – at the end of the workout the pax would confess every time they didn’t give 100% to their partner – they would then have to own the consequences of their shortcomings.

The fourth buzzword was Humility – I know one thing that always humbles me and that’s bear crawls, so that’s just what we did. Bear crawl across the field giving all we had and then SSH while the rest of the pax completed.

The fifth buzzword was Responsibility – one member of the pair was responsible for getting their partner to the other side of the field and then switch to get back. I didn’t care how this was accomplished (over the shoulder, drag, piggyback), but still wanted everyone to give all they had.

Short mosey over to the field hockey field for coupons.

The sixth buzzword was Accountability – one partner was to hold the other accountable on good form while they lounge-walked with the coupon over their head to the other side of the field, switch to get everyone back.

The seventh buzzword was Strength – pretty straightforward here… weighted merkins until failure.

The eighth buzzword was Discipline – we moseyed to the tennis courts and did a 2-minute wall sit while each pax held their partner’s ankles, while they were in plank –  then switch.

Quickly hustled over to the men’s room area for the last buzzword.

The last buzzword was COURAGE – I asked the pax to tell their partner how many times they didn’t give 100% throughout the workout. The member with fewer shortcomings was to tell the group how many times their partner came up short. We had several 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s, but the FNG (Fake News) owned up to 6 times when he didn’t give his best. I asked him to step up on the ledge and noted that it takes courage to confess the times when we fall short, especially when we don’t know the consequences. I continued, whenever we surrender our failures, we should know that our family, friends, and F3 brothers will always be there to catch us when we fall. And finally, I asked the rest of the pax to remember not to judge because we also had times when will didn’t give our best. So, the FNG (Fake News) had faith in our team as he fell back into the groups arms.

Mosey back to the flag for COT.


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