8/27 Temple of Gloom Backblast

PAX (16): Violet, Fall Guy, DiGiorno, Pope, Lobsta, Splinter, Loco, Tammy Faye Baker, Trump, Vincent, FloJo, Buschhhh, Tron, Butcher, Headboard, ScubaSteve (Q) COP: Grass Grabbers, Mountain Climbers, Downward Dog, Runners Stretch. Jack Web. I wanted to lean into my reputation for this workout, so things were sort of run-heavy, and as I continue to refineContinue reading “8/27 Temple of Gloom Backblast”

7.25.19 Temple of Gloom | Back-Blast

17 Pax: McAfee, Cutlass, Violet, Paris, Sand trap, Pope, Trump, Tin Cup, Pew Pew, Facade, FloJo, Pixar, Lobsta, Dorothy, Nugget, Tammy Faye Baker, Scuba Steve (QIC) Headed inside the tennis courts for a VERY brief questionnaire… What do the 3 F’s stand for in F3? Again? What are the 4 core principles? Wait, aren’t thereContinue reading “7.25.19 Temple of Gloom | Back-Blast”

6.20.19 Temple of Gloom | Back-Blast

QIC: Scuba Steve 17 Pax: Vamos!, Eggo, Jeter, FloJo, Tron, Green Wave, Violet, Pixar, Lobster, Butcher, Catfish, Carlos’e, Fungi, Shank, Fake News, Tammy Faye Baker, Scuba Steve Mosey to CAL for warm up – grass grabbers, fast SSH, imperial squat walkers, copperhead merkins, 5 Boyos Native American run the loop until we got back toContinue reading “6.20.19 Temple of Gloom | Back-Blast”

5.16.19 Temple of Gloom | BackBlast

QIC: Scuba Steve 10 Pax: Bojangles*, Wham, Oboe, Pixar, Butcher, FloJo, Pope, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet, Scuba Steve Circled up around the flag… Ain’t nobody tearing an Achilles on my watch! Already broke a heart @f3pope and I couldn’t put someone on the IR list for the A-Olympics, uh uh! Warm up: toe touches, runnersContinue reading “5.16.19 Temple of Gloom | BackBlast”