Back Blast The Garden 7/4/19 Nino and Huggies CoQ


Nate and Dave 4th of July

Weather 68 degrees 95% humidity. Clear

PAX 18 – Nino (QIC), Huggies (QIC), Nice n Slow, Catfish, Black Cat, Vespa(FNG), Schute(FNG), Abacus, Fiona, Gyspsy, Airball, Domino, Jitterbug(R), Woo, Deep Dish, Maxi, Meatball, Frosted Tips.

Nino and I have been talking bout this one for a while.  As you read in our pre blast, our original workout plan grew into something else. I can’t say that it all went 100% according to plan but I feel the PAX would all agree that they were challenged on some level.

Disclaimer – In addition to the normal stuff we are not responsible for the music content



20 Grass Grabbers IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

15 HR Merkins IC

Calf/Hip/Leg stretches

Mosey over to get coupons and gather by the gym entrance

Thang 1

3 exercises – 50 Man makers, 100 Coupon Curb Squats, 150 Coupon one handed rows

This is where the playlist got really bad.  Huggies apologized to the pax.  It really was horrible.

Individually do half of the assigned number of reps and then run the triangle.

The Triangle – Run up the steep grass hill and over to the road.  Do 5 burpees at each cone.  Run down the hill and around the curve stopping for a 40 yard bear crawl between the flat discs and run back to the starting point.

The triangle should have been completed 3 times.

Each pax was assigned a position for the next thang based on their finishing order.

Thang 2

We partnered up based on the finishing order from the previous thang.  1 and 2 finishers were partnered together and so forth.

Round 1: Partner 1 farmer carries two coupons 50 yards up the back hill while partner 2 does 10 burpees and trys to catch partner 1 before he makes it 50 yards.  If partner 2 catches partner 1 then a penalty is assigned.  If partner 1 does 10 coupon curl presses before partner 2 does 10 burpees and runs up the hill 50 yards then partner 2 gets assigned a penalty.  The partners then switch roles and go another 50 yards up the hill until they get to the top of the hill.  Maximum number of penalties possible is 4.

Round 2: The partners go back down the hill and start over but do different exercises.  Partner 1 carries one coupon over head up the hill 50 yards and does 5 merkin/derkins.  Partner 2 does 5 burpees and then sprints up the hill 50 yards. Again, maximum number of penalties is four

We planned to repeat both rounds but did not get that far.

It was 8:00 and the pax ran back to the flag.

We had options for penalties at the end.

If you had 1-5 points against you, the options were 20 burpees, sprint up the front hill twice or do a long mosey around St. Pats.

If you had 6-8 points against you, the options were 40 burpees, sprint up the front hill four times, or do 2 laps around St. Pats.


Announcements and Intentions.

We named two FNG’s, Vespa (Navy Vet – Thank you for your service!) and Schute (Former all state wrestler)

We ended with an Our Father.

Happy Bday to Black Cat – Born on the 4th of July!

Happy 4th Everybody!

Huggies and Nino Out







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