The Fog 7/6/19 Back Blast

Weather 70 degrees cloudy. Humid

PAX (5) – Huggies (QIC), PK, Airball, Iceman (R), Retainer

It was great to Q the Fog again at the poshlands!  There’s a lot of options to put into an hour long workout.


Mosey to the fountain



20 Abe Vigodas IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

Calf Stretches

10 Fast SSH IC

Mosey to the coupon parking lot

The Thang

We each grabbed a coupon for a ladder exercise.

10 reps each of Merkins, Flutter kicks (4 count cadence),  Coupon Jacks (4 count cadence), Dips (single count), Coupon American Hammers (4 count cadence), Coupon Copperhead squats, Big Boys, and Man Makers.

Going up the ladder we did a suicide With 4 cones about 30 yards apart.  At each cone we did one burpee.

This took the remainder of the time so we ran back to the flag taking the long route for some COT

Intentions and Announcements

It was humbling as always to lead such a fine group of HIM.

PK and I then made it to St. Matthews for the Miyagi coffeeteria send off.  Shout out to Miyagi and good luck in Florida!!!!

Huggies Out


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