Back Blast F3 Dads : County : 07/03/2019

For those that haven’t had the chance to make it to an F3 Dads workout, you’re missing out.  Not only do you get to enjoy the fellowship with your fellow PAX in a much more jovial environment [instead of beat down mode], but you also get to witness something special with all of the 2.0s that are in attendance.  They smile.  They laugh.  They encourage each other.  They sweat.  They hurt.  It’s a great time.

For this F3 Dads workout, we had 19 PAX including 8 FNGs.  Giselle brought a clown car of visiting family from up north, which was great to see and get them out [a few even posted Thursday morning, too].  Great to see everyone spreading the gift of F3 to others.

I was a little worried of storms, but the rain held up.  Muggy though – very, very muggy.

Radar – 2.0
Captain Crunchberry
Honey Bee – 2.0
Whisker – 2.0 – FNG
Backstop – 2.0
Sting Ray – 2.0 – FNG
Chop Sticks – 2.0 – FNG
Shamrock – 2.0 – FNG
Butt Fumble – FNG
Red Wagon
Screen Time – 2.0 – FNG
Kermit – 2.0 – FNG
Lavar – 2.0 – FNG
Fun Dip – 2.0
Pixie Stick – 2.0
Jolly Rancher – Q

First, we set out on a light mosey to the front lot of St. Al’s for some COP.

Side Stradle Hops
Grass Grabbers
Side Stradle Hops
Imperial Walkers
Side Stradle Hops
Toy Soldiers
Side Stradle Hops
Bat Wings

Then, we set out for a mosey back where we started in the back parking lot for the one and only Thang.

The Thang:
I set up a small soccer goal in the back parking lot and instructed the PAX to separate into groups of two with the 2.0s following their 1.0s.  I think got the phone out which would be my make shift deck of cards.  Each suit represented a workout and the value of the card would represent the number of reps.  I asked a few of the PAX for suggested workouts, which I believe yielded the following:

Clubs – Merkins
Hearts – Squats
Spades – Lunges
Diamonds – Burpees

So, the objective was each team’s 2.0s lined up and the first 2.0 for each team took a shot at the goal.  Meanwhile, I drew a card.  If the 2.0 made the shot, no workout for that team – but if the 2.0 missed the shot, then that team would do the workout required by the card draw.  What turned out to be a random card generator app sucked because I’m not sure we saw any spades in 20 minutes, but we must have drawn every club or diamond.

At one point an Ace of Diamons was drawn and my team’s 2.0 made the shot but the other team’s 2.0 missed the shot.  I offered up a double or nothing if one of the 1.0s wanted to take the chance.  Kimble bit at the offer and went wide left…sorry, guys.

Everyone knows that Catfish is part robot – but what these PAX were able to witness is that it runs in the family.  Whisker [Catfish’s 2.0] not only had the soccer gear on in full swing, but his form on burpees was far better than mine.  He’s four – and I’ve been posting for almost a year.

We wrapped up with a few minutes to spare for Mary and time was called.

Intentions were said.

Jolly Rancher out!


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