Back Blast : BlackOps at Nolin Lake : 07/06/2019

I love going to the lake on holiday weekends.

But, that means I can’t make my normal post at The Nest on Saturday.  Come to find out, there’s several PAX that have places at Nolin Lake who also crave the feeling of sweating out the vices of what lake life brings you.  So, I called a Black Ops at the Anneta Community Park at the corner of Highway 259 and Dicky’s Mill Road.  This park has been open for several years and I’ve never visited so I was excited to do something there.

Cloudy and a little sticky, but gusts of wind from time to time made it very pleasant.

Captain Crunchberry
Willy Wonka
Jolly Rancher – Q

Side Stradle Hops – 20x
Imperial Walkers – 20x
Side Stradle Hops – 20x
Grass Grabbers – 20x
Side Stradle Hops – 20x
Toy Soliders – 20x
Side Stradle Hops – 20x
Bat Wings – 40x

We set out for a mosey around the track.  Guesses are it was around a quarter of a mile.  Some good mumble chatter during this mosey – small world, because Willy Wonka knew Wildflower’s mom and has done business with his brother in the construction world.  Louisville never ceases to amaze me of how interconnected everyone can be – it’s the big, small city.

Thang 1 – Dora:
We completed Dora in the small parking lot in pairs – 50 burpees, 100 merkins, and 150 squats.  Simple, yet effective.

Thang 2 – Picnic Benches:
We completed 3 rounds of 20 step-ups and 20 dips.  Again, simple, yet effective.

Thang 3 – Bear Crawl:
We started out with a bear crawl across the parking lot.  I had more planned, but this first bear crawl proved a challenge with small gravel littered throughout the parking lot – my delicate hands couldn’t handle any more bear crawling.  The PAX agreed, so, an audible was called.

We did another mosey lap around the track and ended with some Mary.  Out of my element without a shovel flag, I realized I forgot name-a-rama and count-a-rama.

But, we checked the box of an official F3 workout with closing in a COT.  Great to start the day with this group of PAX knowing it would be the most difficult thing we did that day.

Jolly Rancher out!

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