PB- July Ruck – “Taste of the Tough” 7/19 Hot Wheels & Worm


We will Ruck. We will Work. We will Sweat. We will Laugh. Some will Win. Some will Lose. ALL will Finish as Brothers.

Hot Wheels and I are very excited to present the “Taste of the Tough” to the Louisville F3 PAX. We’ve planned a FAIR workout. Challenging but FAIR. Our goal is not punish or break our PAX. But to show want we can accomplish as a group in preparation for October’s Louisville Go-Ruck Tough Event. We’re looking forward to positive turn out. As always, the more members that attend the lighter the load on the whole PAX. Show up for your brothers and get better.

Event Details-


Pope Lick Park 4002 S Pope Lick Rd, Louisville, KY 40299

We will meet at the Pavilion by the soccer fields. You will see the picnic tables…. And Hot Wheels and Worm…. And 20 other Savages


Plan to arrive no later than 7:45pm

7:59pm Start Time

$$:$$ End Time 


Yogi has worked out where one lane of park will be open all night. We’re going to park in the big lot by the soccer fields. (Attached Pic) The main entrance will be closed at dark (9ish), but we will be deep into yawning by then.

Requirements for “Taste of Tough”

Standard Go-Ruck Weight requirements: 20lbs <150lbs; 30lbs >150lbs

One Orange. 

Full Bladder of Water

Extra Shirt

Extra Pants (Shorts)

Extra Pair of Socks

Extra Pair of Under Draws (No Thongs Tony Malito)

Recommendations –

Electrolytes (Gum, Gummies, or Powders)

*We will supply Gatorades at breaks, but it will be hot and muggy.

Head Lamps

Lube up your under thighs to avoid chaffing.



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