Backblast: The Chopper @ Vets Park: 7/12/19

It had been a while since my last Q at Vets Park. For those who have not posted here yet, do yourself a favor and go! There is a reason it was voted best AO. There is always a strong showing and the PAX are ready to work hard.


Dynomite, Airball, Worm, Wooooo, Meatball, Ladybird (R), Hotwheels, Snowday, Chutes (FNG), Sadie (Q).

There was one other FNG Dynomite brought. No one can even begin to spell the name he was given so have asked Dynomite to confirm… Vero de Milo ?? (FNG)

5:30 Sharp- Circle Up Around Monument, Identify two FNG’s, Disclaimer, onto COP

COP: 30 SSH (IC), 20 Imperial Walkers (IC), 20 Abe Vigottas (IC), 20 Grass Grabbers (IC), Plank Stretching

Mosey to parking lot by the ball fields.

Four Corners Around the Parking Lot. Stop at each corner and perform exercise. Strong mosey between corners. 10 second counts between sets.

Thang 1: 20 Flutter Kicks (IC), 20 Merkins, 20 Plank Jacks (IC), 20 Squats: RINSE & REPEAT

Thang 2: 20 Freddie Mercuries (IC), 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 20 MTN Climbers (IC), 20 Jump Lunges: RINSE & REPEAT

Thang 3: 20 LBC’s (IC), 20 Merkins, 20 Shoulder Taps (IC), 20 Squats. RINSE & REPEAT. Side note on the last two circuits we bear crawled between the last corners for some added fun.

Thang 4: Finished with some Mary. 20 Flutter Kicks (IC), 20 Gas Pumps (IC), 20 LBC’s (IC)

Mosey back to the flag for COT.

Name o Rama, Count o Rama.

Ladybird (R) was the sixth so we asked him to tell us how we got his name. He gave us his back story and recalled his first post at Posh, and not being able to mosey to the soccer fields, or mosey very well at all for that matter. Now, you will find him passing you by and/or in the front of the PAX leading the charge.

He also mentioned the knee pads he continues to wear and how when he first started F3 he would wear them under his sweat pants to conceal them. He was not able to complete a WO without them as he had to go to his knees quite frequently. He explained why he continues to wear them, most of the time pulled down, as he no longer rely’s on them… They have different purpose and are now a symbolic reminder of how far he has come.

For those whom have seen Ladybird’s progression, it is an amazing transformation. Ladybird (R) is a true HIM and I think we all can draw motivation and lessons of perseverance from his story.  MUCH RESPECT!

Intentions and closing prayer thankful for this group and what it means to so many people.


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