8/26/2019 BlackOps at the O BB

Pax (3) Face, Fall Guy (Respect) Glen Ross Q

Conditions: Light rain, off and on but August rain is ok.

Didn’t plan on Q’ing this one but Fall Guy was looking for a workout today and then Face HC’d last night so 3 it was.  Still not sure whats up with Digiorno and Buschhhhh with the rain?  Looked like FiA was also cancelled today

Disclaimer at 5:30 and off to CAL for warmup/shelter.  Reminded Pax about the 6th core principle–always try and keep your shoes dry.  At CAL we knocked out 3 rounds of step ups, with dips and incline merkins in between. No more rain, warm up over so off to Thang1:

Not sure what you guys are calling this part of the park, but I’m going with the Moon Landing for now.  It’s in the corner of the park—PeeWee Reese Dr and Cannons and its lit up like the Moon.  Grass is cut short and great spot to put in some work.  This spot is opposite of Robbers Row (the other end with no lights)

Lined up and completed 8 different exercises then bernie’d 40 yards, did another set and then bernie’d back.

SSH, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Big Bird Lunges, Gorilla Squats, and a few others (I winged this one)

Next, start the mosey back around the loop. Stopped for some mary—led by Fall Guy. LBC’s, American Hammers & Freddie Mercs

15 minutes left we mosey over to Cogans Court for Blimps Again.   5 at the bottom, then 5 back up at the top—increase by 5 for each letter.  Everyone knows BLIMPS—finished right at 6:12, enough time to complete the lap around the O and wrap up back at the flag/ tennis courts for COT: Logged some decent mileage (right at 3miles) and Face was beasting it again with his weighted vest.  Good workout but great 2nd F this morning. Also, be on the lookout for a VQ from Fall Guy

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