BackBlast – 9/4/2019 – Bulletin Q at the Foundry

PAX: Alexa, Crockpot, Pelican, and Bulletin (Q)

Disclaimer said with agreement from the PAX. Let’s go get coupons and get started.

The Bulletin Board came back for another appearance at the Foundry. Seven sets of exercises, alternate 12-15 reps each for 4 minutes, with a 1 minute break for moving to the next station.

  1. Curls and Dips
  2. Pullups and merkins
  3. Squats and Good Mornings
  4. 1-Arm rows (right and left)
  5. Split squat (right and left)
  6. Coupon swings and step ups
  7. Front Raise and high pull

Return the coupons and comeback for Mary: Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumps, Situps with 3 count on the way down.

COR, NOR, Intentions.


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