BackBlast Digiorno Q The Mutt Extender #F3Counts

The weather is getting really nice ITG. Perfect day to do something tough but fair.
Q: Digiorno
PAX: Buschhhhh, Wham-O, Tureen, Backdraft, Geppetto, Snowman, Hamm, No Show, Soft Top, Glenn Ross, Waterboy, Duece, Fridge, Blueprint, Sump Pump, Wiki, Larry Flint, Zima, Digiorno Q
Disclaimer given…
Mosey around track
Crab Walk up the hill along side building
Bear Crawl to big parking lot near portico
Circle up
10 count
10 Tony Hawk’s OYO
(Burpee, 360 jump…I wish someone had a video of this)
Lots of stretching
Mosey to back parking lot
Partner Up
Thang 1:
Highway to Hell-o 100 Burpees
Cones are placed 40-ish yard apart.
Pax partner up and line up on start line.
Start with 5 burpees, then travel to the other end in the method on the sheet. When you get to the other end, do 5 burpees and travel back by the same method.
Repeat until you’ve traveled by all methods on the sheet (and have done your 100 burpees). Keep going until audible swearing is heard, or until time runs out.
Broad Jump
Crab Walk
Partner Carry
Bernie Sanders
AYG (Sprint)
Bear Crawl
Side Shuffle
All PAX finished with a few minutes to spare.
I made the mistake of calling on Buschhhhh for an exercise…he called AYG Sprint to the cones. Called on Snowman for how we would get back…he called Bernie Sanders. With 1 minute left, Hamm called 20 Air Squats.
We did a mosey back to the flag.
YHC is always very humbled by the turnout and the way each and every PAX pushes each other to the next level. Today was tough for me. I appreciate everyone doing the hard thing and joining me at The Mutt.
I Love My Mutts

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