Back Blast 19-Sept-2019 Thursday The Agony @ The County 05:30 Backflop Q

@ 05:00 All was calm, there was a crispness to the air.  The 10 x 100 lumen station lights lit up St. Als as if we were ready to land a Boeing 747 jumbo jet.  Little did the PAX know what was about to happen.  @ 05:30, 15 brave HIMs touched down on the runway of Agony and left their mark in F3 history @ the County with coupons in-hand.  It was daunting, it was brutal and it was a tall order to ask to which I am so proud of these HIM’s for crushing the task at hand. 

PAX: Jerry Maguire – (R), Pewpew, Gilligan, Mama’s Boy, Bulletin-(R), Peach, Valdez, Scratch n Dent, Alexa, Pelican, Dutch Oven, Crachit, Big Bird, Asian Zing (R), Backflop Q

Weather: mid 60’s clear

Started with a mosey around to the front of St. Als

CoR – 30 side straddle hops, 20 Toy Soldiers, 15 Grass Grabbers, Michael Phelps on your own, Kindra Newmans front/back, arm stretches, downward dog – right over left, left over right, quad stretches  

Thang#1 – 10 lighted station workout w/ coupons 

10 lighted stations

25 reps per station

After the completion of each lighted station, PAX mosey w/ coupon back to station #1, turn around, then mosey w/ coupon back to the next station in the line.

• 1st station – Derkins w/ coupon

• 2nd station – Lunges w/ coupon

• 3rd station – Man-makers w/ coupon

• 4th station – Squats w/coupon

• 5th station – Big boys w/ coupon

• 6th station – Bicep curls w/coupon

• 7th station – American Hammers w/ coupon

• 8th station – Shoulder press w/ coupon

• 9th station – Kettle bell swings w/ coupon

• 10th station – Upright rows w/ coupon

Thang #2 – suicide runs between stations, made it through all 10 stations then returned coupons.

Circled around for some Mary – 20 x LBC’s, 1 min plank

CoR, CoT

Announcements – Ruck on October 18th, don’t forget to sign up…BUSCHHHHH (Q)

Words of wisdom – I’ve developed many new friendships with F3 and I’m eternally grateful for that.  Asked PAX to do something positive today for someone else.  Made note to be good fathers, husbands and generally good people in this crazy world we live in.  Be a beacon of light for all to see.

Intentions – Keep Alexa in your prayers as he will be doing an IronMan soon

Ended with Our Father

Great time had by all – till next time, Backflop signing off 

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