I Love This Group, Man

I knew I needed F3 back in my life. I knew I needed to stalk the Slack channels again and read the nonsense you hooligans posted on there. But more than that, I knew I needed to get back out ITG.

The Hats moving opened up an opportunity to be closer to Skirmish. We are a stone’s throw from each other (kinda) and the early start time (as if 0530 isn’t early enough) and new BO AOs benefit both of our schedules.

Other HIMs have made appearances: Huggies, Nino, Hot Wheels, Frosted Tips, Harbaugh, Fungi, Storm Trooper, Big Bird, and I know I’m probably missing someone. I know I speak for Skirmish when I say that we are grateful for each of you coming out with us; come back anytime, and if you’re reading this and want to join us when you can, we’d love to see you. One thing to expect: we never do less than 50 SSHs IC.

It’s often just the two of us. In any other situation in life, it’d be awkward. But not with F3. Not this group. We share in the pain of burpees and bear crawls, and we mumblechatter about kids, life, football, and faith.

We do a lot of partner work. We split up too many burpees and run around the parking lot. There’s a lot of rinse and repeat in our WOs, and we are always browsing the Exicon for new ideas that sound great in our heads but are painful in execution.

But that’s not why we get together. I’ve given up on my dream bod of some of you studly studs. When I missed F3 WOs for about a year, I realized that I missed the WOs because they made me more energized during the day and pushed me to eat healthier and take better care of the temple God has given me. I realized that I missed the brotherhood of pushing each other ITG, that sharing a bond of the pain of 100 burpees or Jack Webbs was only a fraction of why this group exists. I realized that I missed the COT, the charity of this group, the soft hearts of this group, all the donation drives, and the need to pray together because I don’t pray like I should on my own.

I’m just so grateful for each of you. That’s all I really want to say. I love this group, man.

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