9.17.19 Back Blast-Bag of Wrenches @ The O

This was my Q so I’m allowed to preach, right? Well let me say this: If you’ve been out for a while and you are comfortable at your home AO, go visit some other places. What’s better, if you have some Q experience, share some of yourself, your personality and creativity with other dudes. No place (except perhaps Bayside) is more than twenty minutes away. I myself need to put this into practice more and will continue to make that effort. That said, in the past few weeks of getting around, I’ve formed a bond with Deuce, re-united with Mr. Hat, Skirmish and Scuba Steve, got to workout with guys I had not yet met and witnessed 1st hand the Beast-Boy that is… McAfee. Getting out is good, traveling is good and going through it and getting to know other HIM on a deeper level…well that’s just good for the soul. In a roundabout way, it’s like Diablo’s post about the “U” (check out the 3rdF channel on Slack). To sum it up, it states that instead of being inclusive to only a circle, open it up to a U. Let other people in. The same can be said of the reverse. Go put yourself out there, invite yourselves to others’ circles, and share of yourself. All of us are a welcoming, receptive bunch that individually have lot within ourselves to give to others.

All that said, I was inspired because of my experience at the conclusion of our beat down at the Bag of Wrenches on a beautifully perfect Tuesday morning and with this fine group of men.

PAX: Handbook, Butcher, Pixar, Kryllan, Escort, Shiplap, Scuba Steve, McAfee, Trump, Zartan, Vincent, Violet, Cakewill, BigBird (QIC)

0530: Said disclaimer and off for a quick mosey to warm up and landed at the tennis courts for the duration of my time.

COP: SSH, High Knees, Bat Wings, Michael Phelps, X Body Mtn Climbers, Runners Stretch, Pigeon Stretch.

…Of course Tabata: Peter Parker Merkins- not too bad first round, eh Scuba?


The Thang: Four Corners. Inside the cage we would run the length of courts like a box. First, run an All Out to the first corner-5 Burpees. Side shuffle to the next corner-10 Star Jacks. Bernie Sanders to the next corner-15 Merkins. Karaoke back to start-20 BBSU’s. Rinse and repeat for as many rounds until time was called.


Finally, as your Bird likes to do, ended with a bit of fun. Introduced the PAX to The Wonky Donkey, burning out our shoulders. We would hold plank for the entirety of the song and every time we heard, “wonky donkey,” we would do two donkey kicks.

Recover and head to the flags.

COR, NOR (learned the origin of Shiplap and his name) and COT

Made a few announcements.

Closed out with saying that we all come out in the mornings, work hard and push ourselves and in doing so, get better. Let’s incorporate this mentality into other areas of our lives. Push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, realizing that what isn’t easy can only make us stronger.

Ended with an Our Father.

Until next time…


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