Diablo #BackBlast for Black Ops at Douglas Hills 10/1/19

Q: Diablo

PAX: (8) Retainer, Deep Dish, Hot Wheels, Maxi, Ripple, Buzzsaw, Wapner, Diablo

Intro: YHC had a collection of heavy toys still gathered from Monday’s Q at Big Mo, so I thought I’d throw some of them out for the HIMs at Douglas Hills to incorporate into an old school beatdown. YHC also thought it’d be “fun” to throw out the kitchen sink of continual movements on a morning of record high October temperatures. YHC arrived early to set up the circuit. PAX met at the DH pool and ran down to the big lawn, which looked flatter and more even from the road than it really is. (PAX at DH this morning also learned just how night-blind YHC is after watching me try to keep a straight line on the runs in a dark field.) After getting to the lawn, PAX saw the toys, took a breath, and got to work.


SSHs 20 IC

Plank Jacks 20 IC

1 minute plank

The Thang

Pax partnered up to tackle 8 different work stations that were lined up in the lawn along along the side walk. At all stations, P1 performed AMRAP of the exercise, while P2 ran length of the lawn, performed 2 burpees, and returned to switch spots with P1. After each partner finished the exercise, the partner groups rotated left to the next station. Rinse & repeat until the groups got through 2 rounds of the stations. The workstations included:

30lb KB Swings

Overhead Coupon Press

Flutter Kicks with 45lb plate

Jump Rope

Halos with 25lb plate

Curls with 25lb dumbbells

Merkins with 20lb dumbbells row

V Ups with 25lb plate

After that, PAX circled up for another 1 minute plank and Rosalitas (20 IC). PAX then ran back to the parking lot at the pool for COT, which included NOR, announcements, and intentions. That was a strong group this morning that got after it!

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


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