Back Blast the foundry 10-2-19

On a very humid October morning nine HIMS assembled for a heavy workout

Alexa, Jewel, Uncle Sam (FNG) (R), Crockpot,Flip Flop, Dauber, Powdercoat, Bulletin(R) Gilligan (Q)

After some brief stretching let the game begin

Nine guys nine stations 1.5 minutes on .25 off

1.Pallet Push

2. Fireman Carry W/ 50lb dumbbells X2

3. Step ups

4. Dips

5. Pull-ups

6. Hanging Crunches

7. Tire Flips

8. Weighted Big Boys

9, Coupon Curls

We were able to run the stations twice. Circled up and named our FNG welcome Uncle Sam thank you for your extended service to our country. After leaving our intentions in the hands of the Sky Q we all faced the day better men. Thank you gentlemen- Gilligan

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