Backblast 10-3-19 The Firehouse BO – Fungi Q

Oct 3, 2019

Weather – great

PAX (11): Dauber, Crockpot, Uncle Sam, Preppy, Powder Coat, Captain Crunchberry, Flip Flop, Grizzly, Kimble, Wildflower, Fungi (Q)

Now that IronPax is complete (great job Pax!), the BlackOps at The Firehouse turned its attention to a continuous improvement program…and a little motivation to keep going through the holidays.

This will be a program that occurs the first Thursday of Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan.

On October 3, 11 Pax set their baseline.  On each subsequent first Thursday of the month, we’ll get to test our time/reps.  The ultimate goal is to be better on January 2 than you are on October 3.

If you didn’t come out lat Thursday, don’t let that stop you from coming out in Nov.  You’d still have 2 months to improve, and if nothing else, its a good workout.

The Thang(s):

  • COP
    • 20 SSH IC
    • 15 Grassgrabbers IC
    • Kendra Newmans
    • Runners Stretches
  • Max T-Merkins in 2 Min
  • 1- Min Break
  • Max Big Boys in 2 Min
  • 1 Min Break
  • Run either 1 mile or 2 miles:
    • 7 Pax ran 1 mile
    • 4 Pax ran 2 mile
  • Upon Return from the Run, you completed:
    • 20 Airpress
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 curb dips
    • 20 LBCs
    • 20 Calf Raises
  • Rinse & Repeat until time called.

Intentions, Announcements, Prayer

Always a pleasure to lead,


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