10/8/19 Douglass Hills BO Backblast

Arrived at the pool parking lot and Snowman announced he needed a sick day.  I volunteered to take over Q duties so he could go home and rest up for the Tough this weekend.  He handed off his notes and cones with a brief explanation and we were off.

PAX: Ripple, Zip Line, Stick Up, Maxi (subQ)

Mosey to concrete pad by gazebo for COP:

20 SSH

20 Grass grabbers

Calf stretches from downward dog position

Snowman planned on having 6 stations (with 3 transitions from one to the next), so I chose the Soccer field.  I placed cones on the four corners using half the field.  The other two were each placed halfway between two corners (halfway between midfield cones and halfway between out of bounds cones, which was right in front of the goal).

Each cone had a workout x 20: Squats, Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, Shoulder Taps, Lunges, Hillbillies.

Transitions were as follows between stations: Lunge, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, Lunge, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump

Rinse and repeat x 3 almost brought us to a close.

Mosey back to pool parking lot for Lt. Dans.  If I recall correctly, we made it to 8 squats/32 lunges before time.

COT.  None of us are doing the Tough, but open to Rucktoberfest because beer.  Prayed us out, in particular for Snowman to get better before the tough.







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