Pelican BB-The Nest 10/12

This was my second chance to Q and again I took on a Saturday at the Nest. There’s something to be said about starting your weekend off right with your F3 brothers that is hard to explain to anyone but this group.

Anyway, 19 PAX show up for the Craft Fair and ended up staying for the workout. It was just under 40 degrees when we started which was cool enough to keep my 2.0 (Primetime) home in bed. 

PAX: Backflop, Dauber, LePew, Gisele, Cardigan, Double Down (R), Big Bird, Captain Crunchberry, Brown Water, Cochran, Alexa, Asian Zing {R}, Pelican (Q) and then the 2.0s—Brick, Trekkie, Bus, Shalimar, Limestone (FNG) and the GOAT

Primetime’s birthday was the night before so between the calories consumed and beers drank I didn’t sleep great. With that said I was up pretty early so thought I head to the County ahead of time to soak in some quiet time before the WO began. Once there I was quickly reminded of Abacus’s message on slack to “watch out for crazy craft ladies hauling ass across the parking lot”. By 6:30 there was a lot of activity on campus and by the time we got started with the WO there were cars and craft ladies everywhere.

I gave the disclaimer and took a quick mosey to the front lot where I was again reminder it was Craft Fair day when I found that the lot was already filling up for the days festivities. So we took the mosey a little bit further to the side of the chapel. We were out of traffic for a bit but managed to be down wind of a sewer line or something awful smelling…maybe it was just the beer and food I ate the day before I’m not 100% sure.

For Warm Up we did the following—

SSH (IC) x 20

Toy Soldiers (IC) x 15

Michael Phelps OYO

Kendra Newmans OYO

Grass Grabbers (IC) x 10 or 15 or something

Downward dog into runners stretch on both sides

10 merkins

Thang 1:

I’ve been a fan of Tabata prior to joining F3 and my site Q bird brother Big Bird always seems to have some sweet Tabata workouts handy so I thought I’d try one myself today. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of one its 8 sets of the same exercise with 20 seconds of work per set and 10 seconds of rest between.  For this first round we were doing bodyweight work and did the following 4 exercises:

Air Squats

Hand Release Merkins

Jump Lunges


The rest time in between the sets allowed for some great mumble chatter and some comments about YHC’s play list for the WO.  Vanilla Ice and Elvis were definitely the favorites of the PAX, well maybe not of the 2.0s.

Thang 2:

In case we didn’t get enough Tabata during Thang 1 I upped the ante and brought coupons into this round.  Shout out to Brown Water for bringing some sweet 2.0 coupons to the County.  Also by now we had a steady stream of cars coming in asking where the gym was and looking at us like we were crazy. Also a few cars kind of parked right where we were working out even though there was a huge parking lot on the other side….unfortunately Crock Pot and Mama couldn’t make it this morning or I’m sure we would have head locked a couple new PAX. But fortunately Alexa showed up to offer his support before his Iron Man the next day  and helped with traffic control. Back to Thang 2, for this round we did the below exercises all with coupons-

Push Press

Kettle Bell Swings

Up Right Row


After we finished this round up we put the coupons up and mosey’d back to the flags for some Mary.  I think we did the below but I hit my head with a coupon on one of the last Thrusters so I may not have remembered everything correctly.

Flutter Kicks

Da Vinci’s

Gas Pumps

Plank for the last 20 seconds or so


CoR/NoR-We welcomed Limestone who is Brown Water’s 2.0. They dress alike so its easy to tell who belongs to who.

Announcements-F3 Fall Festival at LePew’s next Saturday. Evite is on slack so RSVP if you are coming. Mentioned the upcoming Beer Ruck as well. Some HIMs took up LePew’s offer to come help set up for next week and they knocked it out by early afternoon.

Intentions were said for Alexa’s Iron Man and our brother WILDflower’s mother.

I closed with some words of wisdom from the GOAT, not Big Bird’s 2.0 but MJ-“Never say never because limits like fears are often just an illusion”. We said the Our Father and then called it a day. Then the 2.0s helped me dispose of some leftover donut holes from the birthday party.

Always my pleasure to join a WO and feels even better to Q one.

SYITG soon,



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