10/17/2019 Temple of Gloom BackBlast

Pax (11) Pope, Violet, OJ, Handbook, Vincent (respect), Diablo, Escort, Fridge, Pork Chop, Flo Jo, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: clear, 39*
Gear: tights, UA heat hoodie, left the blanket in the car

In the preblast I told the pax we would cover some ground and I had a general idea of what I wanted to do- wasn’t sure if we could squeeze it all in.  Side note,pax at the O get there much earlier than at the mutt which provides some quality pre-workout mumblechatter.

Disclaimer at 5:30 and mosey to the cage for warmup.  Warmed up with a series of exercises that would require pax to stay in plank position- mountain climbers, merkins, Peter Parker elbow planks and plank jacks.   Nice and warm we mosey out of the park to Cogans Ct for some Blimps:  2 stops- one at the top and the other at the bottom, while Bernie’d back up the hill.  Everyone knows how this works so I’ll fast forward to thang2:

finished with BLIMPS and moseyed to the troll bridge for some bridge work.  3 rounds of the following- incline merkins, dips, decline merkins.  Round 1, 15 of each, round 2 we did 20 and round 3 we did another 15.   With the arms and shoulders nice and loose we made our way over to Cherokee Gardens Rd.
We used to use this spot a lot when I first started coming out but traffic can make it difficult to use.  Today, traffics wasn’t bad and they have a new light at the top- provides a ton of light.  We did a simple Jacobs Ladder here- with T merkins at the top and merkins at the bottom.

With 10 minutes left we made our way back to the tennis courts for some Mary.  2 rounds of the following: gas pumps, LBCs, American Hammers, Freddie Mercs.  This also allowed me to play some tunes- of course we had Kenny Loggins for Pope and also worked in some Taylor Swift for the other guys.   By this time we had 3 minutes left so we lined up for Merkin suicides.  Nice way to keep moving and knock out 40 merkins.
Circled up for COT:

Announcements: October Ruck, F3 Fall Picnic this Saturday

Intentions: For Pope’s friend

Prayer:  be thankful

Another beautiful day in the gloom and thankful for the 10 men that got up to join me


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